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We don't just put you in touch with the first tutor. We make personalised proposals to every student by taking into consideration their individual needs.
Exceptional IB Tutors
We're the only agency that focuses strongly on the IB, so you can be assured that your tutor knows the programme inside-out.
Exceptional IB Tutors
We're the only agency that focuses only on the IB, so you can be assured your tutors knows the programme inside-out.
43 Points
We interview and coach every EIB tutor, to make sure they know the IB inside-out. They're IB experts, which is why their average IB score is 43 points.
Every IB Subject
With such a remarkable international team of tutors, we're poised to support IB students in nearly every IB subject, from Art History to Urdu.
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Retakes Accelerated Programme 2022
29th August to 23rd October 2022

Prepare for November 2022 retakes in the International Baccalaureate Diploma with our comprehensive online tuition programme. Trusted by schools.

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EliteIB students enjoy learningEliteIB students enjoy small class
Powerful online technologies bring the classroom to your home, wherever you are.
We equip tutors with the knowledge, training, and resources to ensure every online lesson communicates their IB knowledge and experience.
Collaborate & Share
Edit, sketch, plot and share in real-time with your tutor and unlock the power of online tuition.
Review & Progress
Review past lesson content and read feedback form your tutor to track your development and progress in the run up to exams.
Perfect for Every Lesson
From plotting functions to battle plans, the flexibility and responsiveness of online working spaces let students and tutors explore together in detail.
A Global Team
Online tuition gives students access to our unrivalled international team of tutors. So students can get the best support for them, no matter where they are.
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It’s a pleasure (and a relief!) to know of institutions like yours that can guide students through the International Baccalaureate.

Parent of EIB student

Giovanni just called me to let me know that the Global Politics exam went very well because Angelina covered the exact topics of the exam! Amazing!

Parent of EIB student

University Admissions
Research and expertise-led admissions support for IB students making their applications to UK universities.
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100+ pages of IB tips, tricks and advice, covering everything from choosing subjects to IAs, IB school profiles to university application advice!
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Study tips, wall planners, podcasts and more. Hundreds of IB resources available for free on our resources page. Check them out!
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New IB Maths Syllabus
The IBO has made sweeping changes to the IB Mathematics syllabus. Make sure you’re prepared for the new syllabus with our free Maths resources and with support from our Maths tutors, who have been
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Joanna was wonderful. She is an absolutely fantastic tutor. Her knowledge and tips were so helpful and Maya said she only wishes she had her from the start.

Parent of EIB student

Unbeatable support for IB schools, teachers and Coordinators.
Our history of expertise extend to supporting IB schools throughout the world. From IB accreditation to university admissions cohort support, teacher placement to accelerated IB retakes, EIB Education is a one-stop-shop for IB educators and institutions.
100s of talks and events delivered for free to IB schools
15 schools around the world already work closely with us on a regular basis
60,000+ IB lessons delivered to EIB students
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