University Admissions Consulting

We’ve been supporting students in their applications to UK universities since our inception. Year-on-year, our team of Russell Group, Oxford, and Cambridge-graduate University Admissions Consultants support students with great success, and each year we draw on our successes in order to continue to offer applicants the highest quality of support.

With support to aid students crafting their personal statement before their application deadline, to helping them select courses and universities years prior, our Admissions Consultants are well placed to help students demonstrate their excellence in their application and to navigate the sometimes perplexing admissions process here in the UK.

icon Excellence in Support

With a reputation for academic excellence, universities in the United Kingdom enjoy a privileged position as constituent to the finest collection of higher-education institutions in the world, and each year entry into UK universities becomes increasingly competitive. With a wealth of experience, our team of Consultants are well placed to support students at every stage of their application: from considering the perfect selection of universities to which to apply, to crafting an honest Personal Statement that communicates the applicant’s talents and passions. We credit our successes to our dedication to understanding every student, their requirements, history, and motivations, to tailor their support without fault.

icon Research-Led Support

We do more than place students with Consultants, and the support we provide is based on more than our past successes. Each year we delve into the UK university admissions process, investigating changes in entry requirements, offers, and demand for courses, to ensure each student is equipped with the information they need to make an informed decision and to make their application a success.

icon Truly Personal Support

From guiding students how to select the perfect college to preparing them for their interview, our experience of delivering an unrivalled quality of support to every applicant rests on the values every member of our team shares: that every student and application is different; that no individual knows what support each student needs better than the student themself; and that every student requires time to learn how best to demonstrate their achievements and ambition as part of their application.

We offer every applicant the honest appraisal they deserve when considering their application to Oxford or Cambridge and support from one of our Consultants; discussing in detail their academic background, the vocational merits of their application, and their enthusiasm for their chosen field before offering the support of our team to them.

icon Application Consultants in Every Field

While our Consultants all share a common history, as graduates of Oxford or Cambridge, our team counts university professors, criminal prosecutors, and practicing doctors among its numbers, providing students not only with an insight into their chosen university and course, but a unique opportunity to learn more about the places their chosen field of study may take them. We believe in the excellence of our team and hold our Consultants to the highest standard, expecting each to demonstrate the finest academic pedigree and history of successfully supporting students in their applications to Oxford and Cambridge.


icon Language & Admissions Tests

By successfully gaining entry into their field of study, Consultants are well-situated to coach applicants in their relevant admissions tests, giving them the confidence and knowledge to succeed, whether applying for Law, Theology, or Pure Mathematics.

icon Medical Expertise

It is never too early to start making plans for medical school. We offer invaluable advice and support through all the stages of the medical school application process: from selecting the right universities, to navigating the UCAS system, crafting a tailored personal statement, and shining at interview.

All of our consultants are Oxbridge & Russell Group Medical School students (in their fourth years and above), and in some instances, doctors, with extensive experience in successfully guiding prospective applicants to stand out to admissions officers. Many of our advisors have experience sitting on interview panels.

Support from one of our medical advisors will give your application a competitive edge against peers less confident in the nuances of the medical school UCAS applications process.

icon Perfectly attuned

Our mentors have different international education backgrounds, meaning we will find someone who understands exactly your position whether you took GCSEs, IGCSEs, AP classes, or another equivalent course.

icon International support

No problem. We offer all of our services online and via correspondence, as well as having mentors located all over the globe, including in Dubai, New York, Los Angeles, Bombay, Hong Kong and Brussels.

Experts, by every measure

We only recruit the best tutors to support our students, and our consultants are the best of the best.

icon World-class tutors

All our Consultants have a world-class education, and are graduates of a Russell Group university, or Oxford or Cambridge.

icon Subject-specific

We won't place you with a Consultant who hasn’t studied your chosen subject at university, that way you’ll get the best advice.

icon Cross your t’s

All our Consultants are academic specialists, who can help you fine-tune your application perfectly.

icon Until the end

Your Consultant will support you until the end of the application process, so you’ll always have someone to help.

icon Admissions Tests

Your Consultant will be experienced in all admissions tests that you will sit, and so will be the best to help you prepare.

icon International Scope

Our team work in industry around the world, giving you a truly international choice of Consultant.

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