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We're an audacious and international team, looking to welcome people who share our mission to offer IB & IGCSE students the very best support. If you're an expert in the International Baccalaureate Diploma, MYP, PYP or IGCSE, consider joining our unrivalled team.

Make a difference that lasts forever

Tutoring is about having the winning combination of knowledge and the ability to communicate.

tutors help build the next wave of top IB students. Not only will you build extracurricular experience - more importantly you will become part of the Lanterna tribe.

We're dedicated to providing unrivalled tuition to every IB student we support, which is why we only work with the best tutors, and only accept tutors who demonstrate excellence in teaching and a command of the IB syllabi in their subject.

The typical EIB tutor is either a current or former IB teacher and/or Examiner or an IB graduate, who achieved a 7 in the subjects they tutor and are pursuing the same subject (or similar discipline) at university. Graduate tutors performed well in the IB overall (our average IB score is 43 points) and can demonstrate they've kept up-to-date with changes to their subject syllabi since.

Our current tutor focus:

We are currently prioritising applications for tutors in the following subjects:

  • Computer Science
  • Tutors with MYP experience (as tutors, teachers or students)
  • Maths: Applications & Approaches
  • Maths: Analysis & Interpretation
  • Sports, Exercise and Health Science

Tutors in other subjects are still invited to apply, but we may take a little longer to get back to your application.

IB Experts
It's not enough to be academically successful. Every applicant must demonstrate their enthusiasm and love of teaching before being consider as an EIB tutor.
True Educators
We only support students in the IB, and we only accept tutors who have the knowledge and understanding of the IB at a high level to tutor EIB students.
Committed to the end
Students need to know they can rely on their tutor, and so we only consider applicants who demonstrate their commitment to supporting students in the long-term.
Application Process
We receive many applications from tutors, and while we always try hard to respond to applications as quickly as possible, sometimes our replies may be delayed while we work to offer students and families the best support. If you have any questions abut your application, you can email
We ask every tutor to complete the application form below, on the basis of which we make offers to applicants to attend an interview with a member of the EIB Tuition Team. Interviews will cover your background, pedagogy, as well as asking you to teach a concept or idea in advance.
Following interview, we allocate tutors to their tutoring tier, which dictates your rate of pay: remuneration for EIB tutors starts at £30 p/hr. EIB provides training and resources to all new tutors which you must complete before being able to support students.
If you wish to provide face-to-face support to students we may ask you to provide a government criminal background check.
Applications to become an EIB tutor are currently closed. We'll be looking to resume interviews shortly. Please check back soon.
Share Our Values
We're dedicated to delivering the best support to IB families and schools across the world. We're driven by curiosity, optimism, and kindness.
Grow & Progress
We want every EIB team member to continually grow, in their role and personally. Join us and we'll help you develop and learn.
Include Everyone
We're as international as the IB, and welcome applications from anyone who thinks the can contribute to our team and vision.