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Tutors & Testimonials

This course has now finished. We're working hard to update this site with information about the Easter Revision Course 2022. In the meantime, you can read this site for information about last year's course. Check back soon, or get in touch if you'd like to speak to us about any of our courses.

Run by a team of top-scoring IB graduates, now at universities like Oxford & Cambridge, IB teachers and IB examiners. Work with amazing IB tutors this April.

Taught by IB Experts

Our courses are led by the very best EIB tutors, each interviewed and chosen for their enthusiasm, persistence, and deep IB subject and syllabus knowledge. Learning from a new perspective can help you understand even the trickiest parts of your subject, and our IB graduate tutors can share tips to help you succeed as they did. Our tutors have an average IB score of 42, and many are IB teachers and examiners at accredited world schools.

These courses were extremely helpful and well planned. The staff are very nice and it is very interesting to learn some tips from them. I am very thankful to have done the course as it prepared me for my exams.

Easter 2019 Participant, London

Thiago is a highly qualified tutor. Despite the fact that he is admirable for his intelligence, he is able to make his workshop fun and interactive. Never in my life did I think that I could spend almost 4 consecutive hours doing Maths and truly enjoy the experience

Easter 2019 Participant, London

points on the IB
Imperial College
Maths & Physics
Thiago is currently studying Aeronautical Engineering at the prestigious Imperial College London. He achieved an outstanding 44 points in his own IBDP and has dedicated several years to tutoring STEM-related subjects, as well as leading workshops on Elite IB’s Mid an Pre-IB courses. His approach is to understand each student's learning style and work with them individually. In addition to this, Thiago emphasises the importance of clear explanations of concepts, and highlights proper exam technique throughout his teaching.
Praise for Thiago
My son was really fired up by Thiago’s tuition. He actively participated in the online sessions and voluntarily spent chunks of time preparing for the next lesson. Thiago is smart and has a good vibe, as my son would say, and we both highly recommend him as a tutor.

He was funny, really liked what he was doing, and never denied answering a question. Frankly, he was better than both my school teacher and private maths tutor.

Never in my life did I think that I could spend almost 4 consecutive hours doing maths and truly enjoy the experience.

points on the IB
Biology & Chemistry
Karl is studying Medicine at the highly prestigious University of Cambridge. This follows his strong performance in the IB, scoring 39 points overall, with 7’s in HL Chemistry and Biology. He has several years of tutoring experience, delivering private lessons online and in-person to students sitting GCSE, A-level, and IB, and has also led workshops on Elite IB courses for over three years. Karl's teaching style is centred around helping his students to fully understand the underlying concepts of a topic.
Praise for Karl
Karl is so good!! He’s so helpful and nice. He makes sure I understand all the content and adds further information at times which I find really helpful.
points on the IB
Biology & Chemistry
Abigail is currently studying for her Medical MBChB degree, at the University of Bristol, which follows from her outstanding IB performance, where she attained 40 points for subjects including HL Chemistry (7) and Biology (7). Abigail has tutored IB Chemistry and Biology since September 2015, including leading revision workshops at an Elite IB course in Stockholm. Abigail engages her students in the IB syllabus in a fun and interesting manner, and prioritises exam technique and preparation in her teaching.
Praise for Abigail
My lessons with Abigail are always very productive and educational. She provides me with immense support and knows exactly what I want to achieve and learn throughout our lessons. I have also noticed that my participation in school chemistry classes has increased since starting tuition with her, which I find is a great milestone for me. Her help is extremely useful, especially with the confidence boost I've gotten since I've started lessons with her.

Abigail is a great tutor who really takes her time to explain things in detail, but to such an extent that it is still very relevant to the IB syllabus. I appreciate her straightforward attitude in explaining how to solve tasks and her very friendly demeanour overall. She is an excellent tutor whom I would suggest to all my friends who are willing to take chemistry tutoring lessons.

points on the IB
Maths & Physics
Conor graduated his IB in 2019 with the incredible score of 45 points, taking Maths and Physics HL. Conor is a keen, enthusiastic tutor who is quick to establish good relationships with his students. His teaching style focuses on ensuring the student's full understanding of the required material, and then developing the skills necessary to apply their knowledge in exam situations. Conor has taught on Elite IB’s previous Winter Mocks Revision Course, receiving excellent feedback for his dynamic and engaging teaching.
Praise for Conor
[Conor] boosted my confidence when giving answers to questions and helped me consolidate knowledge.

Going through each part of the course from scratch and then doing practice questions on those sections was really helpful. [Conor was] really helpful and open to any questions about the IB in general.

points on the IB
King's College London
Biology & Chemistry
Joanna completed her BSc Molecular Genetics at the prestigious King's College London and was awarded the John Pickering Biochemistry Prize in her first year. This follows from an outstanding performance in her IB, in which she achieved 41 with 7s in Biology, Mathematics, German, and Polish. Joanna has conducted group Chemistry tutorials for IBDP2 students, as well as working in a school in Poland, and was a live-in nanny where she directed the children's Science and Foreign Language curriculum. Joanna is a Science enthusiast and truly enjoys sharing her passion.

Praise for Joanna
Joanna is an absolutely fantastic tutor and came so well prepared for each of our sessions. Her knowledge and tips were so helpful and I only wish I had her from the start of my IB!
points on the IB
Maths, Chemistry, & Physics
Vlad completed his MEng Materials with Nuclear Engineering at Imperial College London, where has also gone on to pursue a PhD. This follows from his strong performance in the IB, where he undertook 4 HL subjects including Maths, Physics, and Chemistry. Vlad is an enormously experienced tutor, who has provided EIB students with over 250 hours of Maths & Physics tuition, as well as teaching on EIB's Revision Courses for several years. Vlad's students comment on his passion for the content he teaches, and his excellent subject knowledge.

Praise for Vlad
[Vlad] made sure everyone was involved, yet retained a good working pace. He also explained difficult topics in an easy to understand way.

He gave great explanations and asked us to actively participate, he also made sure we understood everything before we moved on to other topics.

Vlad is by far the best tutor I have had. [He] connects very well to the IB programme, and has extremely good knowledge for exam preparation.

My favourite thing about the course was how focused and structured it was. We didn't waste any time covering content we already knew.

Easter 2019 Participant, London

School discounts

If you are working at a school struggling to keep pace with teaching this year, speak with us about school booking discounts. We have ongoing relationships with many IB schools around the world and would welcome the opportunity to support your students this year. Email courses@eliteib.co.uk.
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We've moved this year's Easter Revision Course online. We usually deliver the course in London, Amsterdam, Geneva, Zurich, Dubai, and Singapore.
As government guidance in these cities progresses, we may run reduced in person solutions, and you can easily transfer your booking.
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