IB Retake Accelerated Exam Programme

August 29th- October 23rd

Prepare for November 2022 retakes in the International Baccalaureate Diploma with our comprehensive online 8-week course.

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What is included:

8-week online school

1.3 grade improvement average

Powerful online tools

Real-time small groups

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you're after advice about the IBO's policy towards retakes, we advise that you read our retakes information article here.

How does the scheduling work? Which time zones?


The schedule is based on CET timings, making morning sessions accessible to students in ASEAN & Europe. We feel that a 3-times-weekly cadence is the best educational approach for retake candidatesl who will supplement in class learning with their own studies.

When are the November exams?


The November exam schedule can be found via the following link, with first exams on October 24th 2022.

Do I sit the final exam through you?


Not yet. We are not an IB world school and so IB policy means you cannot currently sit your final exam through our organsiation. In the first instance, we would encourage students to liaise with their own schools regarding exam sessions. Where this isn't possible, we haven partnered with reputable IB schools in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany & Singapore who can host you for your exams. Read more on this below.

What about my Internal Assessment?


When retaking an exam, you can choose to re-submit an IA but it must be an entirely new piece of work. Typically, retake candidates find that their exams are the weaker component of the two, and so few students look to resubmit IAs. If you would like to re-submit IAs, you can either do this with your current (host) school, who will remark the piece of work and submit it on your behalf, or if you would like to use one of our exam centres, they can mark your IA work for you. Be aware of the earlier deadlines. Arrange a consultation to discuss this directly.

Can I access content and videos of any lessons I missed?


Absolutely! After the completion of each session, the video of the entire lesson will be imported into our bespoke LMS system, with class notes where applicable.

Who teaches the course?


Our courses are taught by qualified and trained IB teachers, all of whom either currently work or have worked at IB schools, are engaging and encouraging and have extensive online teaching experience. Each teacher we work with will have gone through extensive EIB training to ensure there is parity in delivery across all of our courses.

Can I re-take Internal Assessments in November with EIB?


No - your course will cover elements which will be supportive of your IAs but any IAs you plan to resubmit must be done through your current, or new IB world school. If you would like specific support for understanding how to create an exemplary IA, we recommend that you speak with our tuition team.

How many subjects can I take?


As per IBO policy, you can sit up to 6 exams per exam session, and so in theory you can take six subjects through us, though of course there will be time-table clashing and we encourage you to review the timetable and raise any queries you may have.

Has this course been conducted previously?


In 2020 we had students from 26 schools around the world join us, with wonderful results and grade improvements. With signficant grade inflation in 2021 these numbers were slightly lower but with parity resuming for M22 exams, we expect students from many countries to join us once again this year.

Are there quizzes and tests?


Each teacher will take a slightly different approach. Of course, there will certainly be an element of test integration into the video sessions, and some homework may be set, but workshop leaders will not grade contents outside of class hours. We encourage you to engage with your teacher to ensure their teaching style perfectly matches what you're looking for. We will also check in at the 1/2 way point with each student to see if any changes should be made to the teaching approach.

What if I want to go to Uni? Can I take this course?


We've designed this course schedule to be applicable to students who have chosen to go to University in 2022. With only 4 hours a week for SL subjects, we are hopeful that for any students dissatisfied with their IB results, they will be able to fit at least one subject around their University schedule.

Can or should I still attend any classes at school?


One of the issues we've found over the years is that with most schools only experiencing or two students per class looking to retake classes, it is exceptionally hard for them to balance the demands of the current cohort with those students looking to retake. As such, it may be more economical not to attend school classes, given school fees would likely need to be paid to allow for this, though we would encourage correspondence with your class teachers to balance your current learning with what is being covered by your workshop leader.

Will you register my retakes with the IB?


You must either register for IB exams through your current IB school, or through one of our regional exam partners. You can submit new IAs through the regional exam partner, but we recommend you agree this prior to theJuly 29th exam registration deadline.

How much will registering for retakes cost?


If you are planning to retake the exam through your existing school, we recommend that you contact them to discuss this. On average, it will cost £200/exam to re-take a subject at one of our exam centre schools.

Where will I sit my retake examinations?


In the first instance, we would encourage students to talk to their schools about sitting their exams at their IB world school in November. However, if necessary you could also sit your exams at one of our regional partner schools.

Who will be my coordinators for IB retakes?


This depends on where you plan to sit the final exams. If your current school will register you for the exam session, your current DP coordinator will be your coordinator. If you are planning to work with one of the regional exam centres, we can support you in this journey, we will ask for your IB candidate number and the full registration and exam session will take place at your new host school. This is a very seamless journey and one we will coordinate for you.

Who will make sure my results are shared with my chosen universities?


This will be up to who you choose to sit your exams through. Contact us for more information.

Helping schools help their students

EIB understands that for some schools delivering a programme of instruction for retake candidates is one of the obstacles to offering students the possibility of accessing the November examination session. With this in mind we want to assist you and your students.

On your behalf and in partnership we can deliver a programme of instruction tailored to the individual needs of each of your retake candidates. The modules of study will be available from September to November, where students will either be able to build their own study schedule using feedback from your subject teacher and IB DPC, or follow our recommended structure. Historically, this has been a collaborative process between the student, the school and EIB. In some instances we have helped students source centres to sit their exams.

With November registration deadlines being August 31st, we can work with you to propose a potential tuition program, while you consider registration for the N21 session. During the course, we are open to providing teachers access to the student's LMS area so you can follow your students progress. Class teachers can be put in contact with EIB course leaders upon request, please contact us for more information. Each student will have the option to add their class teacher as a user on our LMS system, meaning you as an educator will have access to lesson recording and learning materials, so that if your student is also attending school classes, you can work in collaboration with the EIB course leader to provide ongoing support for students.

In addition, we will be providing predicted grades for individual students who attend our course. These will come with supporting evidence, in the form of assignments that have been submitted over the duration of course, as well as virtually-invigilated mock exams. These can be given either to the school directly, or to the student and family to help monitor progress or assist with awarding predicted grades should your school be following the non-exam route in N22.