IB Retake Exam Online Preparation Course

August 31st - October 23rd

The perfect 8-week programme for November 2022 exam retakes in the International Baccalaureate Diploma. Exam centre included.

Endorsed by IB schools around the world

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What is included:

8-week online school

1.3 grade improvement average

Powerful online tools

Real-time small groups

Designed specifically for November exam retake candidates

For many students, November retakes are a mystery. Many IBO schools don't run a November session, and re-taking an entire year at school can be costly.

Designed alongside IBO professionals, this 8-week online programme is run by IB world school teachers in a powerful online environment. Re-watch lessons, receive exam-style support, re-submit internal assessments and even secure a local exam centre for the N22 exam session.

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1.3 point grade improvement

This course was run in November 2020, with students joining from 26 schools around the world. 50% of the students have shared with us their exam results, which showed an average of 1.3 grade improvement from their previous results.

How we are handling changes in the exam content +

Beyond the format changes and dual examination routes, the IB has also adjusted the content being assessed in these exams, sometimes removing entire sections. Paper 3 is gone from science subjects, the Paper 2 comparative essay in Language A subjects is also gone, and every subject without removed components is seeing amendments to the exam content or how the content will be assessed. Rest assured that our tutors are prepared to teach across the entirety of the syllabus, are ready to adjust to these changes, and will use the course time to focus only on the content that you will be assessed on this year. Click here to read the IB’s full breakdown of the exam changes, or follow the links below to watch our exam changes Q&A session or read our May 2021 exam report.

IB Remarks & Retakes FAQ Session

A must-attend event for IBDP students and parents seeking to make the right choices after IB exam results are released after 3 years of disrupted learning.

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"A great solution that will aid IB schools in registering Diploma students for re-take examinations. With this bespoke model of subject/topic review and revisit, EIB have removed a school barrier to student re-take access."
Chris Green
IB Consultant and Lead Educator
IBO Certified Workshop leader

Exam focused learning

Our Retake Exam Programme provides exam-focused retake small-group tuition with expert IB teachers, where students benefit from exceptional IB teaching from IB educators and small class sizes to really concentrate their final revision in the lead-up to their exams. The frequency of classes ensures students remain engaged through the course, with six hours weekly of very small class sizes and intense exam-focused learning exceeding in-school time allocations per subject, with the additional benefit of each student being able to shape their own learning.

- Lessons are recorded and learning materials uploaded
- Direct feedback to your host school
- Split HL & SL classes
- Designed specifically for November 22 IBDP exams
- Classes capped at 5 students

My tutor is just amazing, she is really sweet and knows what she is teaching. she is very friendly so that makes asking things to her more easy and I can ask her anything very small in Chemistry without any hesitation.

RAP 2021 Attendee - St. Claire's, Oxford / Chemistry HL

I like that she goes back to basics with everything and doesn’t assume we know how to answer the question. I like going through things from the very simple to the complex and I find it broadens my understanding

RAP 2021 Attendee - International School Neustadt / Chemistry HL

I enjoyed the style of the economics class, heavily focused on new content learning through power points and verbal questions. None the less there was a good balance of learning the course material and completing practice questions.

RAP participant 2020

They had a unique teaching style which made each lesson enjoyable and a thing to look forward to. I quite liked how engaged the tutors were in the course, leaving no stone untouched and ensuring everyone understood the content.

RAP participant 2020

Powerful learning technologies
We know that amazing online learning doesn't happen without amazing tech. We've invested heavily in designing an amazing technology solution for our online courses, and carry out extensive training for all of our tutors who work on our courses. Using an amazing platform called Class.com which bolts on top of Zoom, our tutors bring learning to life with incredible features. Get ready for your most engaging online learning experience yet!

Led by online expert teachers from IB world schools

The Retake Exam Preparation Programme is delivered by qualified and trained IB world school teachers, all experienced and trained online experts who have worked with Elite IB over a period of several years and in whom we have the utmost confidence in terms of content and syllabus delivery, as well as exam and formative assessment guidance. Mid-way through the programme, our in-house IB Coordinator will check in with you and send feedback to your host school.

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With you until your exams

As dedicated IB specialists, this course and our in-house team of experts are here to support you from results day on July 6th until your exams in November. We are a trusted resource for IB students & schools around the world, and have worked exclusively in the IB ecosystem since 2006.

Not only will you have access to class recordings and lesson materials, but regular check-ins with our in-house team mean we can communicate with your parents & school directly to ensure everything is put in place for grade improvements.

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