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IB Retake Accelerated Learning Programme

Prepare for November 2021 retakes in the International Baccalaureate Diploma with our comprehensive online tuition programme. August 31st - October 23rd.

This event has passed.

Prepare yourself perfectly for November exams with an 8 week intensive online tuition programme with trained IB world school teachers

Up to 6 hours of lessons a week with qualified IB teachers in a tried and tested online learning environment. Video access to classes. Receive expert support and improve your grades this November with structured support.
This course includes
Taught by qualified IB teachers
8-week accelerated course
Video playback
5 students maximum per class
Timezones applicable to APAC, ASEAN & EMEA
Suitable for both exam route and non-exam route students.

How does it work?

An 8-week fully online preparation course for students retaking IBDP exams in November 2021. Your workshop leader will reach out to discover which course modules you'd most like to cover to make each course bespoke to your needs. You will receive course content, a log-in to the Learning Management System for video playback, and feel more prepared for your November exam by filling in gaps in your knowledge, improving your exam method and much more.

Following on from November's success

This course was run in November 2020, with students joining from 26 schools around the world. 50% of the students have shared with us their exam results, which showed an average of 1.3 grade improvement from their previous results.

How we are handling changes in the exam content +

Beyond the format changes and dual examination routes, the IB has also adjusted the content being assessed in these exams, sometimes removing entire sections. Paper 3 is gone from science subjects, the Paper 2 comparative essay in Language A subjects is also gone, and every subject without removed components is seeing amendments to the exam content or how the content will be assessed. Rest assured that our tutors are prepared to teach across the entirety of the syllabus, are ready to adjust to these changes, and will use the course time to focus only on the content that you will be assessed on this year. Click here to read the IB’s full breakdown of the exam changes, or follow the links below to watch our exam changes Q&A session or read our May 2021 exam report.

The perfect aid for students looking to retake one or more exams in November, but who would either rather not return to school, or whose school is unable to support their learning.
Supporting retake candidates is a big challenge so many schools face. Work with EIB to help your students receive the support they need without impacting on your class scheduling and delivery. Course leaders can work alongside your class teachers to support each student individually.
Choose a course trusted by students around the globe to help your child succeed this November, after the disrupted learning of 2019.

It was so detailed and thorough. I especially liked that it was very personal, and we could ask specific questions, and our tutor would explain it clearly.

EIB online courses student

"A great solution that will aid IB schools in registering Diploma students for re-take examinations. With this bespoke model of subject/topic review and revisit, EIB have removed a school barrier to student re-take access."
Chris Green
IB Consultant and Lead Educator
IBO Certified Workshop leader
Our Retake Accelerated Programme provides exam-focused retake tuition with expert IB teachers, where students benefit from exceptional IB teaching from IB educators and small class sizes to really concentrate their final revision in the lead-up to their exams. The frequency of classes ensures students remain engaged through the course, with six hours weekly of very small class sizes and intense exam-focused learning exceeding in-school time allocations per subject, with the additional benefit of each student being able to shape their own learning. Our RAP tutors are all experienced IB teachers or examiners, able to guide students through an intense, focused eight-week programme of learning and revision, while ensuring each student's learning is tailored to their needs.

A programme schedule for every time zone internationally

We split every day into two sessions, to provide a flexible programme for international students to take advantage of.
Session 1 classes run from 9:00AM to 11:00AM UTC+1(London) which is from: 4:00AM in New York, 5:00AM in Buenos Aires, 10:00AM in Rome, 3:00PM in Dubai and 4:30 PM in Delhi

All subjects and units are offered in both Session 1 and 2, so you needn't miss any class! You can book Morning or Afternoon classes as you prefer.
Session 2 classes run from 2:30PM to 5:30PM UTC+1(London) which is from: 9:30AM in New York, 10:30AM in Buenos Aires, 3:30PM in Rome, 5:30PM in Dubai and 7 PM in Delhi

All subjects and units are offered in both Session 1 and 2, so you needn't miss any class! You can book Morning or Afternoon classes as you prefer.

Choose from 6 key IB retake subjects this November

We have been supporting retake candidates for over 10 years, and have selected a programme of study which supports the subjects we are most often approached about. Whether or not you will be returning to school to bolster your studies, this is the ideal programme of study to improve your confidence and grades in key IB areas. Online classes are available during term time from September through to November. This gives students the flexibility they need to balance their other studies and responsibilities and create their own revision schedule.
Biology →Maths: A&A →Maths: A&I →Physics →Chemistry →Economics →Business Management →

Led by outstanding teachers from IB world schools

The Retake Accelerated Programme is delivered by qualified and trained IB world school teachers, all experienced and trained online experts who have worked with Elite IB over a period of several years and in whom we have the utmost confidence in terms of content and syllabus delivery, as well as exam and formative assessment guidance. Work with IB experts this year.
Quick Look
August 31st - October 23rd
- Taught by qualified IB teachers
- Five student cap in each class
- Timezones applicable to APAC, ASEAN & EMEA
Delivered by teachers
The Retakes Tuition Programme is delivered by IB teachers, giving you peace of mind they know the syllabus inside-out so you can focus on learning.
Recordings & Resources
Every class is recorded so you can revisit them to revise as well as access class notes, exercises for each class and additional revision and learning resources from your teacher.

Resources & Materials

Up to 6 hours of lessons a week with qualified IB teachers in a tried and tested online learning environment. Video access to classes. Receive expert support and improve your grades this November with structured support.
Any questions? Read our FAQ!
Our team are always happy to help, so if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for please give us a call on +44 20 3302 3868, or email us on courses@eliteib.co.uk.
Fees for the programme are calculated per class you attend, which means that you only pay for exactly what you need.
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Info for Schools
The Retake Accelerated Programme is endorsed by IB schools around the world, as a means of supporting retake candidates at a tricky time for schools.

Read more +

We understand how difficult scheduling support is for retake students, and this year more than ever before, it is a near impossible task. Speak to us about how this programme can either work alongside, or as a direct replacement for classroom teaching.

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