MYP Revision Course

Easter Pre-Exam Preparation Courses For MYP5 Students

Run by exceptional IB graduates in a succession of intensive 2 day blocks.

Date: 29th April - 1st May 2017

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Elite IB is a team of experienced tutors & educational consultants who strive to help IB MYP & Diploma Programme students reach their full potential. All our tutors are very personable and engaging, and have extensive tutoring experience. As a team, we all share the same belief that the IB is the most academically thorough post-16 qualification currently available, and will better equip students for universities the world over.

Throughout the year, we aim to provide guidance with subject selection, subject-specific tuition, exam preparation, and university applications. Crucially, as a team, we recognize that revision courses are very different to classroom teaching – we strive to provide dynamic lessons which help to ensure students leave with a clear sense of structure and motivation. The class teachers are EIB tutors who have received the best feedback over the past year – and, most importantly, they have taken the IB exams themselves.

The MYP Course is organised to lead up to the mock exams. The program consists of intensive syllabus-specific revision lessons, focusing heavily on exam technique and past paper question patterns.

Arranged for when students have mocks just around the corner, tutorial groups will be limited to 5 students and a light lunch will be provided, and all students will be given the opportunity to speak with the tutor independently before and after lessons.

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