Easter IB Revision Course, London

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MYP e-Assessment Easter Revision Course

6th - 8th April 2018

This course took place in April, 2018. You can find out more about our Easter Revision Course below, or check back soon for information about the 2019 course.For any questions at this time, please fill out the enquiry form here

Join us in April ahead of your MYP5 e-Assessments for a chance to revise three of your subjects in structured and rigorous workshops constructed to give you the confidence and knowledge to perform at the highest level.

The MYP eAssessments are a recently developed optional external assessment, adapted by more and more IB schools around the globe. Since 2015 it has been fully recognised by Ofqual of England. This revision course is designed to support both MYP5 students who are taking e-assessments, and those sitting internal school exams. The course will be a mixture of revising core MYP curriculum components and addressing exam technique, reviewing questions set by the IBO for recent MYP e-assessments. If you would like to find out more about eAssessments, please read more via our blog post here.

Are you starting your first year of the IB this autumn? Join us this summer for the Pre-IB course, perfect for any student about to start their IBDP1 year.

Pre IB

5 students per workshop on average

Highly focused, student-centred exam revision, with a maximum of 7 students per workshop allowing students to cover multiple subjects in a week.

Three subjects in three days

Choose up to three of your subjects and spend a day revising the syllabus and gain confidence in applying your knowledge in exams.

1 and 2 day workshops per subject

One and two day workshops allowing students to cover the syllabus in depth as well as gain confidence on exam technique.

Easter Revision Courses 2019, Elite IB

Make sure you're ready for your final IB exams by joining our team of IB graduates, IB teachers, and IB Examiners at our Easter Revision Courses! 📝🏆 Find out more at www.eliteib.co.uk/easter

Posted by Elite IB Tutors on Monday, 28 January 2019

How is the e-Assessment Course Organised

Our MYP/IGCSE Revision course helps support students in their final year before joining the Diploma Programme, and delivers content-focused, subject revision in the examined syllabus topics in the Sciences, Humanities, and Mathematics.

Students are tutored in the best study methods to aid them in the transition to the Diploma programme in short and intense one day courses.

Why Elite IB’s Courses?

Elite IB Tutors have a proud history of helping students reach their full potential in the MYP. Our exceptional team of educators know the IB and the MYP better than anyone, and it’s why we consider ourselves the foremost team of educators in the International Baccalaureate internationally. Our Revision Courses are at the heart of the support we provide students, and each year we receive outstanding feedback from our students, who leave confident and best prepared for their exams. Furthermore we stand out from our competitors with the small workshop sizes, where we take on an average of 5 students to a tutor, making the workshops half the size of other Revision Courses.

You can find out more about the course by navigating on the left. If you have questions or concerns, you can contact a member of the team below.

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