Easter Revision Course, IBDP2

IBDP2 Easter Revision Course, 2017

Course Structure

The IBDP2 Easter Revision Course is specifically arranged to allow every student to tailor the course to their own requirements. Upon registration students are invited to select from our programme of workshops - two days of revision for a single IB subject - to craft there own course structure.

Two days of tuition per subject afford students and tutors time to cover not only the syllibi for each subject the student is revising at the course, but also those subject-areas each student has highlighted as problematic before the beginning of the course. Each day of support sees students join us for seven hours of support with their tutors, with workshops being led by some of the finest members of Elite IB’s tutoring team. You can find out more about our world-leading team in ‘Our Tutors’ and how a typical day at the revision course unfolds in ‘A day at the Easter Course’ in Our Brochure

  • Each Workshop is limited to a maximum of six student, to ensure the most contact time between student and tutor.
  • Classes are split on the basis of level (HL/SL) and predicted grade.
  • Two full days of revision per course subject results in intensive and comprehensive learning.
  • Easter date ideal platform to revise in time for the May examination period.
Workshop 1  Workshop 2  Workshop 3 
Economics HL    
Economics SL    
English HL    
English SL    
Geography HL    
Geography SL    
History HL    
History SL    
Business & Management HL/SL    
Environmental Systems & Societies HL/SL    
Biology HL  
Biology SL  
Chemistry HL  
Chemistry SL  
Physics HL    
Physics SL    
Maths HL    
Maths SL    
Maths Studies    

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