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Big changes for a big impact!

We're making some changes at EIB, as part of our acquisition by Lanterna Education, to help improve the support we offer students and families.

Answering some of your questions

Why are you changing to a subscription service? +

The most important reasons are to make things easier for the people who make-up our wonderful community: our students and our tutors. For example…We want to allow our tutors to spend more time teaching and less time organisingWe also want to allow our tutors more security, which is why we will be hiring our UK-based tutors as employeesWe want to enable students to reserve tutors in advance so that more students can access our support during exam season.

What do the tiers mean? +

All of our tutors are extensively and rigorously vetted and trained before they are able to join our team. We place our tutors into three tiers, giving students and families a reliable and quick way to understand the level of experience each tutor has. Standard Tier - Recent IB graduates who obtained over 40 points and a 7 in the subjects they teach. These tutors are perfect if you would like someone who your child can relate to and would like to optimise their study habits from someone who knows exactly how to succeed at the IB.Higher Tier - Postgraduate students with extensive tutoring experience. They are perfect if you are looking for an tutor who has consistently received excellent feedback from EIB’s students.Top Tier - IB teachers and examiners or experienced EIB tutors who combine unrivalled experience and knowledge with a history of providing outstanding IB support to EIB’s students and beyond.

When and how will you be contacting me about the change? +

Our Customer Success Team will be in direct contact next week (starting Monday, March 28th) to offer you a personalised proposal and to ensure that your tuition continues seamlessly.

What if I am graduating this year? +

We are offering personalised proposals to those graduating in May 2022, as we understand that this is a crucial time.

Will the amount I pay increase? +

The price per lesson depends on your commitment. If you choose a longer subscription period and/or more lessons per month, the price per hour will decrease. There is also an option to pay the full subscription fee upfront, which gives you a discount from 2.5% - 15%.

Will the frequency of payments increase? +

No, your payments will be monthly. You can also choose to pay the full amount upfront in one payment.

How does my payment procedure change with the new model? +

Your subscription will be billed monthly, on the calendar day when you purchased the order. You can also choose to pay the full amount upfront in one payment.

What is the minimum number of lessons per month? +

This changes depending on the subscription you choose. For example, it is 2 lessons per month if you select a subscription package for 6 months or more.

What if I need to pause my sessions? +

We understand how important flexibility is when managing your tuition. We don’t have this functionality yet, but we hope to implement it as soon as possible.

When will I receive new credits? +

The recharge date for new credits corresponds to the calendar day on which your purchase was made (e.g. if a purchase is being made on April 15th, the recharge date is the 15th of each month of the subscription period).

Can credits be carried over to the next month? +

Credits can be used for booking lessons until the next recharge date. Credits can not be rolled over to the next period.

Will I get access to all my credits immediately upon purchase? +

You will immediately get access to all your credits to make bookings, however the credits will be earmarked to each period.

What happens if I don’t want to use the new payment format? +

We are changing the model for all existing and new customers without exceptions. If you have concerns about this and would like to discuss it with us, you can always get in touch with us via email at or by phone at +44 (0)20 3802 6862.

How can I get in contact about my tuition before next week? +

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us at or call us on +44 (0)20 3802 6862 if you have any questions.

Got any more questions?

We'll keep updating this page with more questions and answers over the coming weeks and days. If there's a question which isn't answered here, you can reach out to us by emailing or calling us at +44 (0)20 3802 6862.