Frankfurt Summer Revision Courses

For students entering into their final year of the International Baccalaureate. At our Frankfurt Summer Revision Courses you’ll revise your first year material and get a head start on your final year subjects, as well as be introduced to the key IB skills you need to know to excel in the IB.

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Frankfurt Summer Revision Course 2020

11th - 17th July
Metropolitan School Frankfurt,
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The Mid-IB course is designed to support students during the crucial summer period between their first and final IB years. Students will have the opportunity to revise up the three IB subjects, to consolidate their learning so far and prepare for the demands of the final year. Students will also have the opportunity to attend TOK and study skills workshops, and receive advice on applying to top UK universities.

6 contact hours each day, in groups averaging just 4 students per tutor

Workshops on the new maths syllabus, led by experienced tutors trained in the syllabus changes by an IB examiner.

Additional workshops available covering core IB skills, including TOK, academic writing, time management, and revision.

Frankfurt Summer Revision Course Schedule

Frankfurt Summer Course Workshop Availability
  11th & 12th July 13th & 14th July 15th July 16th & 17th July
Biology HL / SL      
Physics HL / SL      
Mathematics Analysis and Approaches HL / SL    
Mathematics Applications and Interpretations HL / SL    
Theory of Knowledge    
Extended Essay Skills    
Chemistry HL / SL  
English Language and Literature HL / SL  
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Why Elite IB’s Courses?

Elite IB Courses stand out from their competitors with small workshop sizes that average just 4 students to a tutor, half the size of other IB revision courses, effectively doubling your contact time with your tutor. With exceptional feedback year on year, the revision courses are at the heart of the support we provide students, with highly focused, student-centred revision led by friendly and experienced IB graduate tutors..

If you have questions or concerns, you can always contact a member of the team below.

"I felt comfortable to ask questions. It was focused on the most important things and it was in-depth. I like smaller classes because the tutor is able to focus on an individual.

Frankfurt Mid-IB Course Participant, 2019

Wednesday 15th July

As well as subject revision, we will be offering sessions on Wednesday 15th to work on aspects of the IB core. Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge are worth up to three points in your final IB score, so it is well worth time and effort to do your best in both. Students attending on the 15th will receive instruction from a dedicated TOK tutor, and an essay and study skills tutor who scored maximum marks for their IB core.

Study Skills & Academic Writing

This workshop will help you secure your referencing, note-taking, revision, and organisational skills prior to your final IB exams. These integral skills and techniques can be learnt, developed, and applied across a number of IB subjects, resulting in improved essays and argument formation. Whether you’re looking to pursue Natural Sciences or Archaeology, confidence in your written communication and research skills is vital to success. Correct research methodology and referencing is also crucial to your Extended Essay.

Theory of Knowledge

In this workshop, you and your tutor will review your first year Theory of Knowledge learning, and re-focus for the new academic year, by cementing the eight areas of knowledge and ways of knowing (WOK) ahead of your TOK assessments. The session will look at previous essay titles and presentations, and discuss best practice for structuring an excellent TOK essay. Get to grips with TOK, understand how you know what you know, and ensure you are on the right track for the 3 extra bonus points!

"As a student who always struggled with maths, I would recommend this course to a friend because now I feel confident with this or most topics covered."

Frankfurt Mid-IB Course Participant, 2019

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