Resits Revision Course

Devised to support students looking to revisit their final IB examinations in November, our Resit Revision Course offers students an intensive, exam-focused revision programme to help them lay strong foundations before returning to their exams.

Resit Revision Course

Course Structure

1st - 9th October 2018

The Resits Revision Course allocates three full days of tuition in each subject in order to assist students in laying the groundwork to attain their very best in their resits. With windows for science subjects, Mathematics and the Arts & Humanities over the duration of the course, students are able to select a programme of workshops that best supports their academic needs.


Workshops to guide students through the syllabus of their chosen science subject or history.

Monday 1st - Wednesday 3rd October

Biology HL

Biology SL

Chemistry HL

Chemistry SL

Physics HL

Physics SL

Environmental Systems & Societies


Three days of tuition in each level of Mathematics, with classes split by predicted grade.

Thursday 4th - Saturday 6th October

Mathematics HL

Mathematics SL

Mathematics Studies

   Arts & Humanities & Biology

In our final window of resits workshops, students can revise their humanities subjects or biology.

Sunday 7th - Tuesday 9th October

Economics HL

Economics SL

Business & Management HL,SL

English Literature HL,SL

English Literature & Language HL,SL

Chemistry HL

Chemistry SL

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