Resit-IB Revision Course

IB Exam Resit Revision Courses.

Designed for students re-taking their final IB exams in November, 2017.

This course took place in October, 2016. You can find out more about the Resits course below, or check back soon for information about the 2017 course.

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Download the 2016 IB Exam Resit Revision Course Brochure

This course offers an intensive, exam focused revision programme, aimed at students preparing to retake their IBDP exams in November 2017.

  • intensive syllabus-specific revision
  • focusing heavily on exam technique and past paper question patterns.

As such, the students will consolidate their knowledge of the course, practice exam technique and gain confidence ahead of the exams.

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Course Content

The class teachers will be excellent EIB tutors - IB graduates and teachers - who have received the best feedback over the past year – they are fun, engaging and have taken the IB exams themselves. Classes are limited to a maximum of 4 students and split by HL & SL and grade levels to ensure the lessons are fully beneficial to all.

Course Tutors

We design our resit courses to specifically target problem exam areas, working with past papers and mark schemes to ensure students enhance their syllabus knowledge and exam technique simultaneously.

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