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Subject revision and pre-exam preparation support for November 2020 exam takers

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Tutor Selection

24th October - 1st November 2020

Registrations open July 7th

Tutors for our Retakes Course are selected from our most engaging and experienced tutors, who have received the most exemplary feedback over the last academic year; in some instances we have tutors returning to teach on their eighth Elite IB Revision Course this year. Our course tutors are approachable and adaptable, and all are dedicated to supporting students in fully comprehending course content and perfecting their exam technique. All Revision Course students are asked to provide course and tutor feedback, which allows us to ensure that our courses are constantly improving, and helps our tutors create excellent workshops.

You can find out more about how we select our tutors on the 'Our Tutors' page, and read profiles of the kind of tutors we ask to teach at our courses below.



44 Points

on the IB



University of Cambridge



Jamie holds his BA English Literature from the University of Cambridge, where he was awarded First Class Honours in both his final dissertations. This follows from his exceptional performance in his IB , where he was awarded 44 points for subjects including HL English, Economics, History, and French. Jamie is a highly experienced tutor, having supported many Elite IB students and who has a dynamic teaching style which makes his workshops all the more enriching.

Praise for Jamie

Jamie is a very good and through teacher. My warmest thank yous for your and contribution to my daughter's education

- Sasha, Parent of a Private Tuition Student



39 Points

on the IB

Biology & Chemistry


St. George's



Charlotte attended La Chàtaigneraie, in Switzerland, where she passed her IGCSE's and IB with flying colours, progressing to a BSc Hons Biochemistry. and MSc in Molecular Biology and Pathology of Viruses from Imperial College London. Now, Charlotte is studying Graduate Medicine at the highly prestigious St. George's. She has supported numerous students with Elite IB, anbd lead many revision courses in Biology and Chemistry, with students commenting on the rigour of her tuition and knowledge of the IB syllabus.

Praise for Charlotte

Charlotte is really awesome! She has helped me tremendously in Biology and Chemistry. Her knowledge of the syllabus and tips for exams are really great!

- Adrien, Revision Course & Private Tuition Student.



42 Points

on the IB

Maths & Physics


Imperial College London



Rafael was awarded his MSci Mathematics from Imperial College, London and is currently pursuing his PhD. He was the President of the Mathematical Society at Imperial and the Mathematics Colloquium and in the past has been a keynote speaker to the Royal Institution. He scored an outstanding 42 in the IB at the UWC Maastricht, with a 7 in Higher Level Mathematics and an A in his Mathematics-based Extended Essay. Rafael has tutored Elite IB students extensively in both Mathematics and Physics and always receives exceptional feedback from his students!

Praise for Rafael

Rafael explained complicated concepts in a clear, exam - focused way

- Jordan, Revision Course Student.

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