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Retake Accelerated Programme

Are re-takes a challenge? Are IB re-takes a no go? Are you able to offer November re-takes?

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Nov exams: August 31st - October 23rd
10% discount if registering before July 31st

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EIB understands that for some schools delivering a programme of instruction for retake candidates is one of the obstacles to offering students the possibility of accessing the November examination session. With this in mind we want to assist you and your students.

On your behalf and in partnership we can deliver a programme of instruction tailored to the need of each of your retake candidates.

The modules of study will be available from September to November, and students are able to build their own study schedule using feedback from your subject teacher and IB DP C. Historically, this has been a collaborative process between the student, the school and EIB. In some instances we have helped students source centres to sit their exams. This year, work with EIB to help students sitting N20 exams study with IB world school teachers in an online environment, reduce the burden on your IBDP coordinator and teaching staff and help empower your students to higher marks.With November registration deadlines pushed back to August 31st, there is more time to explore individual and school EURs in the mean time, while you consider registration for the N20 session.

We are open to providing teachers access to the student's LMS area and class teachers can be put in contact with EIB course leaders upon request, please contact us for more information. Each student will have the option to add their class teacher as a user on our LMS system, meaning you as an educator will have access to lesson recording and learning materials, so that if your student is also attending school classes, you can work in collaboration with the EIB course leader.

Please also read IB guidance about exam options here: https://www.ibo.org/news/news-about-the-ib/covid-19-coronavirus-updates/.

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