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How it Works

Expert online support for IBDP May exams with Elite IB's Retakes Accelerated Tuition Programme

Registrations for this course are now closed. For intensive pre-exam revision, retakes students are welcome to join our online Easter Revision Course.

Tried & tested online delivery

All of your teachers will be IB world school teachers. Better yet, they will have completed 1,000s of hours of online teaching through Elite IB and be trained in the newest online technologies. Don't just take our word for it, read our November course reviews!

Higher and Standard Level

Register for your subjects at either Higher (HL) or Standard Level (SL) to cover the relevant material in your classes and prepare perfectly for your May exams.

Led by IB world school teachers

These courses are run by experienced and trained IB world school teachers, all experts in their subjects and experts in online learning, working with EIB over a period of years and delivering 100s of hours of private online tutoring, so they understand how to use the technology, as well as work with individuals and groups. The video to the right explains why this course was built, for November 2020 exam takers initially.

 Private break-out rooms

Our online teaching platforms let individual students and tutors seamlessly break off from online classrooms for one-on-one teaching to explore questions, work together on material and address individual concerns.

Ongoing resources and exercises after the Programme

All the classes on the programme are recorded so you revisit them after the Programme, alongside call notes, exercises for each class and additional resources. That way you can keep learning and revising.

Small classes

Every class on the Retake Accelerated Programme is capped at five students, so you have the time to work closely with your class tutor.


IBO Examiner
in Biology & ESS
Biology & Chemistry

Richard is a well-qualified and internationally minded educator with over ten years of experience teaching IB Biology, Chemistry and Physics. He has taught at high achieving international independent schools in Switzerland, Bermuda and currently Spain. Richard has completed over 300 high quality online tuition hours through Elite IB, is extremely well versed with online technology solutions, and truly understands how to help students achieve their best results in DP exams.

Richard & Iordanis are examples of a large pool of qualified and trained IB world school teachers who work with Elite IB to deliver exemplary online courses, in collaboration with IB school.s


IBO Examiner
in Business Management
Business Management

Iordanis is a vastly experienced online tutor for Business Management and Economics. With many years of teaching at international schools throughout Europe, Iordanis has worked on the IB team for several years and completed in excess of 200 hours of quality online tutoring with EIB students. Iordanis brings a wealth of experience as an IB teacher and examiner, and will help students looking to improve exam methodology through detailed use of past papers and mark schemes integrated into the course teaching.

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