Medical Revision Course

Mentors who have sat on Medical School interview panels will coach applicants in all of the key medicine interview skills necessary to gain entrance to UK university Medicine courses, encompassing both panel and Multiple Mini interview (MMI) techniques. The Course is divided into a morning seminar, and mock interviews.

Interview Preparation at Elite Medical's

Mock Interview Course

9th December 2017
The dates for 2018 will be released in Spring 2018. To find out more about support with your Medical School application, please visit our Medical School Mentoring page

Our Medical Mock Interview Course runs for 4 hours and is tailored individually. Students are asked prior to the Course to submit their personal statements, their university choices/offers and, if applicable, their Extended Essays, in order to target the interview practice to reflect what you are most likely to encounter on interview day. Morning seminars are capped at eight students per group to ensure that they are engaging and enjoyable, whilst the afternoon mock interviews are highly personalised.

The morning seminars focus on informing applicants of common and current/topical interview topics, followed by structured discussion to develop students' knowledge and understanding of these topics. The afternoon mock interviews will focus on assessing and developing the applicant’s ability to express their motivations for applying to study Medicine convincingly and succinctly, their knowledge of current events in the NHS, and their ability to debate ethical issues in a considerate but effective manner. The mock interview styles will be depend on what type of interviews you will be attending; if you are applying to both a panel and MMI university, we suggest doing one mock interview of each.

You can read more about the structure of the course, as well as testimonials for previous students, read a selection of our medical mentors, and find information about payment and fees, in the course brochure. If you have a question you can contact the Elite IB team on +44 (0) 2038 026862 or via e-mail at [email protected].

  • Individually tailored

    Students share personal statements, university offers, and long form writing like Extended Essays beforehand to ensure to target the interview practice to reflect what you are most likely to encounter on interview day.

  • MMI and Panel Mock Interviews

    Whichever type of medical interview you'll encounter, our medical mentors will help you prepare. If you'll come across both as part of your interviews, you'll practice each at the Medical Mock Interview Course.

  • Medical Mentors

    All of our mentors are Oxbridge & Russell Group Medical School students (in their fourth years and above) and doctors, with extensive experience in successfully guiding prospective applicants on how to stand out to admissions officers throughout all stages of the UK application process.

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You can find out all the information you'd need to know about the course in our brochure.

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