Mid-IB Summer Revision Course

For students entering into their final year of the International Baccalaureate. At our Mid-IB Revision Course you’ll revise your first year material and get a head start on your final year subjects, as well as be introduced to the key IB skills you need to know to excel in the IB.

Mid-IB Revision Course, 2020

Course Structure

Mon 27th July - Sunday 2nd Aug
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The Elite IB Mid-IB Course has been designed specifically for students between their first and second year of the IB. It is the perfect opportunity to revise up to three of your IB subjects, each over an intensive two-day period, whilst also sharpening your writing skills and refining your understanding of the topics covered in your first year of the IB. This course has been built to ensure you leave the course feeling ready to take on the upcoming academic year!

Each morning will begin with a bespoke Core IB workshop, setting the tone for the day. Feel yourself take away valuable skills which you can then implement throughout the rest of the day as you continue to focus on your chosen IB subjects.

6 contact hours each day, with opportunities for further additional subject support

Comprehensive programme of Core IB Skills workshops

Led by IB graduates, IB teachers, and IB Examiners

Mid-IB Course Schedule

Mid-IB Course Schedule
27th July 28th July 29th July 30th July 31st July 1st August 2nd August
Mid IB Revision Course, 2020
Maths Analysis & Approaches HL/SL Biology HL/SL UCAS Support Morning Chemistry HL/SL
Maths Applications & Interpretation HL/SL Chemistry HL/SL Theory of Knowledge Afternoon Economics HL/SL
Physics HL/SL English HL/SL
ESS SL Business Management HL/SL
Economics HL/SL Psychology HL/SL
Geography HL/SL
History HL/SL

Subject specific workshops

The Mid-IB Summer Course offers students the opportunity to select up to three of their IB subjects for intensive two-day revision workshops. With your final year of the IBDP being one of the busiest academic years you may ever face, it is not only the final IB exams which will matter, but you will also have an important autumn term leading up to your predicted grades - something which will be a key indicator in potential university applications. On top of this, with a final year filled with Internal Assessments, Mock Exams, Extended Essays, CAS and TOK, the summer is the perfect opportunity to consolidate all your knowledge from the first year. In small workshop groups with an average of five students to a tutor, you will have a chance to revise the more difficult parts of the syllabus, work through key concepts, example past paper questions and exam techniques as well as know how to ensure you ace your internal assessments .

Mathematics AA & AI

With Maths as a required subject in the Diploma Programme, all candidates for the IB will be expected to have a grasp of the main ideas of Maths and apply them to their other subjects. Elite IB Mathematics tutors leading the Mid-IB course in 2020 have been specially trained by an IB examiner to teach the new maths syllabus which was implemented in September 2019. Maths Analysis & Approaches and Maths Applications & Interpretation will be taught separately in higher and standard level groups, meaning that the pace and content of the workshop is perfectly suited to each student's chosen route and level.

Acing Internal Assessments

All top IB graduates know the importance of keeping on top of Internal Assessments (IAs) - and their deadlines - is key! In this workshop we’ll focus on how to best manage your time and stay ahead of IA deadlines throughout the academic year. Internal Assessments are a golden opportunity for students to ‘bank’ marks before your final exams, and many students find IA final deadlines are surprisingly pressing in the second year of the IB, so it’s vital to have a clear understanding of the IA requirements for each of your subjects.

Core (IB Skills) Workshops

For anyone attending a workshop from the 27th - 30th July, each day at the course begins with a specially designed 'IB Skills' workshop. The workshops are a complimentary and unique feature of the Mid-IB Summer Course, carefully designed to buiild knowledge and skills required to excel in the International Baccalaureate. These workshops all last 35 minutes and will vary on a day to day basis. All students will receive a personal schedule in the weeks leading up to the course where they will be able to submit any questions they may have or areas which they wish to cover in these workshops.

Study Skills & Academic Writing

This workshop will help you secure your referencing, note-taking, revision, and organisational skills prior to your final IB exams. These integral skills and techniques can be learnt, developed, and applied across a number of IB subjects, resulting in improved essays and argument formation. Whether you’re looking to pursue Natural Sciences or Archaeology, confidence in your written communication and research skills is vital to success.

Revision Strategies and Exam Preparation

Having worked with top scoring IB graduates for the past decade, a reccuring tip for success has been consistent and effective revision. In this workshop we investigate which revision strategies have been scientifically backed as the most effective, and share ideas for how to implement these into a regular study routine. Finally, we look at the common academic and lifestyle pitfalls students experience during exam season, and how to avoid these to perform at your best.

Friday 31st July: Bolt-On Workshops

On Friday 31st July, students will have the opportunity to take part in two optional workshops.
In the morning our admissions advisers will walk students through the UCAS process and answer any questions about making a strong application to UK universities, including applying to Oxford and Cambridge. Students will be able to sit down with an admissions expert for an informal chat about any aspect of their application, from help with deciding what to apply for or where to look, to talking through your personal statement so far.
In the afternoon, one of our TOK tutors will lead a session focusing on the fundamentals of TOK and approaching the essay and presentation assessed components. Getting confused between your Areas of Knowledge and Ways of Knowing? Or unsure of the right real-life situations to illustrate your Knowledge Issue? Get help approaching TOK essay titles and share your presentation ideas in this workshop.
Students are welcome to attend either or both of these workshops.

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