Mid-IB Summer Revision Course

For students entering into their final year of the International Baccalaureate. At our Mid-IB Revision Course you’ll revise your first year material and get a head start on your final year subjects, as well as be introduced to the key IB skills you need to know to excel in the IB.

Start your final year a step ahead with Elite IB's

Exploring Universities

Monday 30th July- Saturday 4th August 2018

With the Mid-IB Summer Course taking place in Central London, you will be fortunate enough to have some of the UK’s most prestigious Universities at your doorstep. Whilst at the Course, almost an entire day in dedicated towards Making Your University Application followed by a chance to explore Central London University campuses with some of our fabulous Elite IB consultants. Should you be having your eye set on Oxbridge, don’t miss our optional day where you will be given the opportunity to explore the Universities of Oxford or Cambridge.

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