Mid-IB Summer Revision Course

For students entering into their final year of the International Baccalaureate. At our Mid-IB Revision Course you’ll revise your first year material and get a head start on your final year subjects, as well as be introduced to the key IB skills you need to know to excel in the IB.

Mid-IB Revision Course, 2020

A Day at the Mid-IB Course

Mon 27th July - Sunday 2nd Aug
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Days at the Mid-IB Course are packed from start to finish with tuition, activities, excursions, and evening entertainment (and a little bit of free time). You can see what an average day at the Mid-IB Course looks like here, and find out more information about each part on the linked pages.


Arrival and Registration

The Elite IB Team will be ready to welcome you from 9:30 each morning. Make sure to arrive on time for a chance to chat with your tutors and peers and settle in for the day.


Introductory talk

There’s so much going on on each day of the Mid-IB Course that we'll take some time out in the morning to remind you what your day will entail. With activities and trips around your IB Skills and subject workshops we'll make sure you're perfectly set up for the day with itineraries, hand-outs, and safety information.


Workshops begin

You’ll sit down to your workshops every morning at 10:00am. This may be your Maths workshop or perhaps one of our IB Skills workshops, which are all designed to keep you on your toes and ensuring the learning at the course is quick-paced and varied. You will in small workshop groups go through the areas which you should have focused on in your first year, and start preparing for the upcoming year.


Workshops resume

After a 10 minute break workshops resume and you will either continue with your maths workshops or if you have just finished an IB core skills workshop, you will split into your subject specific workshops for the day.



Who doesn’t long for lunch? As well as being a great opportunity to refuel, you can also spend you time getting to know other students at the course, ask your tutors any burning questions and take a chance to relax and enjoy what the nearby areas have to offer.


Workshops resume

Return to your workshops for the afternoon.


End of Day

Workshops will round off at 4:30pm each day. Choose to partake in joint activities in the evenings, or take the time to refresh for the next day of revision. If you feel the urge for further academic support, why not enquire about our private tuition and consulting services to [email protected]?

Get in touch

We're happy to answer your questions about the Mid-IB Summer Course. You can get in touch using the form below, or call us on +44(0)20 3302 3868 .