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Mid-IB Tuition Programme

How it works

Mon-Fri, 19th July-6th August 2021

Elite IB tutors

Tried & tested online delivery

Delivered by our unrivaled team of IB graduates, teachers and Examiners, join unit-focused classes to revise your first-year content, catch-up on missed material, and excel in your final year.

Higher and Standard Level

Register for your subjects at either Higher (HL) or Standard Level (SL) to cover the relevant material in your classes and prepare perfectly for your final year of the IB.

Cover 5 of your IB Subjects, plus the core.

With up to 60 sessions running over a 3 week period, you can attend classes in almost all of your IB subjects. There are also classes for Extended Essay support, Theory of Knowledge revision, and UCAS and UK university application advice.
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Private break out rooms.

Tutors use private breakout rooms to differentiate the class content to suit your needs, and to facilitate group activities and pair discussion. Tutors also have access to the latest shared whiteboard and collaborative software so that students can directly contribute to diagrams, annotations, and worked examples.

Ongoing resources and exercises after the Programme.

Lessons are recorded and uploaded after the programme to our online learning management system. Here, as well as having access to your class recordings to re-watch, you will be able to download resources, lesson notes, and worksheets shared by your subject tutor to support your continued learning as you enter IB year two.

Small classes.

Classes are capped at 7 students per tutor, with average class sizes of 4-5. Smaller classes mean more contact time with your tutors, and gives them more control to adjust the pace and content of the lesson to suit each student. Group learning has its own advantages, from sharing tips with other students to discussing case studies as a class, so learning in a small group gives you the benefits of both private and classroom tuition.

A programme schedule for every time zone internationally.

We split every day into two sessions, to provide a flexible programme for international students to take advantage of.

Session 1 classes run from 9AM to 12:30AM UTC+1(London) which is from: 4AM in New York,5AM in Buenos Aires,10AM in Rome,12PM in Dubai and 1:30 PM in Delhi

All subjects and units are offered in both Session 1 and 2, so you needn't miss any class! You can book Morning or Afternoon classes as you prefer.
Session 2 classes run from 2PM to 5:30PM UTC+1(London) which is from: 9AM in New York,10AM in Buenos Aires,3PM in Rome,5PM in Dubai and 6:30 PM in Delhi

All subjects and units are offered in both Session 1 and 2, so you needn't miss any class! You can book Morning or Afternoon classes as you prefer.
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Delivered by the foremost team of IB educators.

From 45-pointers to IB Examiners, we’ve brought together the most outstanding tutors to form our team. Individually interviewed, government- certified, and coached by EIB to guarantee unbeatable IB tuition.

IB Teacher & Examiner

Teaches: Maths & Physics

Anna completed her BSc at the University of Athens, and holds a PhD in Theoretical Physics from King’s College London. Anna has taught in schools and universities since 2006 and has been an IB teacher and maths examiner for five years. Anna has tutored online with EIB for several years, and encourages her students to think independently and work methodically in her lessons. Previous course attendees have commented on Anna’s thorough subject knowledge and invaluable exam tips.

IB Teacher

Teaches: Geography & Economics

Christelle completed her BA at the University of Geneva before undertaking a masters in Social Policy from the prestigious London School of Economics. Christelle now works as an IB geography teacher at the International School of Geneva, following her own strong IB performance where she was awarded a bilingual diploma with higher levels of Biology, Geography and Economics. Christelle has taught on EIB courses with great success, and always ensures her lessons are interactive and engaging by using real life examples to illustrate each topic.

KCL Doctoral Candidate

Teaches: Biology

Joanna is currently working towards her PhD in Biomedical and Translational Science at King’s College London after completing her BSc, during which she received the John Pickering prize for biochemistry. Joanna has led revision workshops for EIB for several years, and tutored with us since 2016: previous students have praised her clear explanations and careful preparation which enable students to get the most out of each session. Joanna is an expert in her field and seeks to pass on her knowledge and passion for science through enjoyable and informative lessons.

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We’ve built the leading team of IB tutors. From IB graduates to teachers and Examiners, every student can find their perfect match for IB success.
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Fees for the programme are calculated per class you attend, which means that you only pay for exactly what you need. The price per class is reduced the more you attend, so why not brush up on a range of your IB subjects to prepare for your final year?

Information for Schools

Our Mid-IB Tuition Programme is the perfect complement to in school learning, allowing students to consolidate and extend their IB knowledge and skills over the summer break. We have worked with many schools in the past to provide the highest quality revision and tuition support, and would be delighted to tell you more about the competitive discounts and bespoke delivery we can offer to school referrals and group bookings.

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