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Mid-IB Tuition Programme

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Mon-Fri, 19th July-6th August 2021

Elite IB tutors

Students who are referred through their school are eligible for a 15% discount. Please contact us to acquire a school discount code which can be distributed to your students. Eligible unil July 1st

A long standing history of working closely with IB schools.

We work closely with many IB schools around the world, and we’re confident that the summer Mid IB Tuition Programme can help you ensure all of your students return to school on an even level, entering Year 2. We’re keen to speak with you to learn where additional help may be required, and to ensure we can support as many IB students as possible at this time. Please reach out to us to let us know if you would like to explore opportunities to work together.

In April 2021, 4 IB schools sent their entire cohorts to our Easter revision courses for various subjects, placing trust in us to bridge the gap in their learning. If you’d like to discuss school support options directly, please schedule a call here.
My favorite thing about the workshop was that it was interactive. Every time we finish a section we would answer a question about it.
2019 Course Participant, Frankfurt

This is your solution to discrete individualised delivery that doesn’t impact on the remaining contact and prep time for Year 2 IB Diploma students.

This programme complements IBDP Year 1 course content already taught in school. The modular breakdown guarantees all IBDP studnets will be at the same point of learning on return to school. This is a tailored remedy to the disrupted learning of 2020.
School Feedback
At MSF we support and host holiday revision courses from EIB. The advantage of signing up for an EIB course are numerous. The students are able to focus on just one IB subject, they can clarify points they haven't understood during the year and they can push themselves to study at a more advanced level. Students who attend EIB courses learn the IB curriculum content in a more relaxed atmosphere. Being able to focus on just one class allows students to learn the course material without the workload and distraction of other classes. The progress of our students is evident after having attended a holiday course. EIB are young, fun and relate to our students very naturally. Our experience with working with Elite IB has been truly enjoyable and professional.
Katell Dodd, IBDP Coordinator, MSF

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