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Mid-IB Tuition Programme

Info for Schools

Mon-Fri, 19th July-6th August 2021

Elite IB tutors

This is your solution to discrete individualised delivery that doesn’t impact on the remaining contact and prep time for Year 2 IB Diploma students.

This programme complements IBDP Year 1 course content already taught in school. The modular breakdown guarantees all IBDP studnets will be at the same point of learning on return to school. This is a tailored remedy to the disrupted learning of 2020.

A long standing history of working closely with IB schools.

We work closely with many IB schools around the world, and we’re confident that the summer Mid IB Tuition Programme can help you ensure all of your students return to school on an even level, entering Year 2. We’re keen to speak with you to learn where additional help may be required, and to ensure we can support as many IB students as possible at this time. Please reach out to us to let us know if you would like to explore opportunities to work together.

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