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With the new year fast approaching, you might either be entering the second year of your Diploma or getting ready for university following your success (well done!). In this month's newsletter we spoke to two of our excellent tutors, Anna and Daniil, who have offered some invaluable advise on getting ready for university. The International School of London shared with us their 40 year history of offering the IB. We are also very excited to launch our Tutor Spotlight, featuring Olivia, a monthly interview highlighting our brilliant tutors!

As well as the excellent insights above, you may have heard that Elite IB will be taking to the road or more accurately, the skies this September. Beginning in Dubai on the 11th of September, and finishing in Amsterdam on October 5th, we will be bringing free presentations on applying to elite UK University and Oxbridge to a town near you. Places are filling up quickly, so check out our article below to secure your place and be lucky enough to benefit from a free 15 minute consultation!
Elite IB UCAS Roadshow!
With UCAS soon opening you'll need to consider preparing your application and personal statement. This September, Elite IB will be taking to the road to deliver free presentations on your options and how to make the most of your Diploma. Whether you're making your application this year or considering your options, please come along - the talks are free!

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Tutors Spotlight: Olivia
Olivia is a valuable member of our team, achieving a flawless 45 and attending Oxford, she tells us about why she took the IBDP, what she enjoyed and struggled with, and how best to prepare. 

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Thank you Pre-IB students!
As we round off the Pre-IB Courses in London and Singapore, we look forward to welcoming students to our Geneva courses next week! For more info, please get in touch on [email protected] or visit our website
Get ready for uni...
Wondering how best to get ready for uni? Anna and Daniil offer some advise...

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Featured IB School
This Month's Featured IB School
International School of London

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Crafting the Perfect Personal Statement
Top Tips on crafting the perfect personal statement ahead of University Applications...

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