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Interviewed & Trained
IB Teachers, Examiners & Graduates
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Register with us and we’ll propose tutors for you from our team. That way, you can be sure you’re working with the best tutor from the best team.
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IBO Teachers & Examiners
EIB's team of tutors includes over 100 IB teachers and Examiners, teaching at the best IB schools internationally and who write the IBO's subject syllabi.
Top-Scoring Graduates
Our tutors excelled in the Diploma and are now studying in top universities in Singapore and internationally. Their average score is 43 points!
Interviewed & Trained
Our regional Tuition Managers interview every prospective EIB tutor, to make sure they meet our exceptionally high standards.

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We're international education experts. Learn more about the supper we offer students in the International Baccalaureate, Middle Years Programme and IGSCE here.
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We’re not a marketplace for tutors to promote themselves, nor do we just link you with the first available tutor. Instead, we listen carefully to what you need and use our knowledge of our team to propose the perfect tutor for you.
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1. Consultation
We speak with every student and their family to understand their expectations. At this stage we take into account not only the type of tutor you need, but also the student's performance in the subject so far, ideal lesson times, and future ambitions.
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2. Tutor Proposals
We propose tutors who we're confident best fit the needs of each individual student. We'll give you some time to review their profiles and if you're happy to proceed we'll put you in touch. If not, we'll carefully listen to your feedback and propose a better suited tutor.
3. Monitor & Progress
We have a robust reporting system, with tutors updating students and parents on the student's progress every month. In addition, students feedback about their tutors regularly, to ensure they’re getting the most out of their support.
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We have the best team because we work with the best tutors. We interview every tutor personally, train them
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