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Learn from expert MYP Arts tutors - including MYP Teachers and IBO Examiners - to put you on the road to MYP Arts success!

Hana completed her IB at UWC Atlantic and is one of Elite IB's most respected tutors. She can provide support with a range of subjects including broader study skills that can be applied across the diploma.
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We work with hundreds of outstanding IB tutors, and only list a small selection on our website. Register with us today and we'll make proposals of tutors that suit your needs. That way, you can rely on our knowledge of our tutors and get to work sooner.
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Register with us and we’ll propose the best MYP Arts tutors for you from our team. That way, you can be sure you’re working with the best tutor from the best team.
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IBO Teachers & Examiners
EIB's team of tutors includes over 100 IB teachers and Examiners, teaching at the best IB schools internationally and who write the IBO's subject syllabi.
Top-Scoring Graduates
Our tutors excelled in the Diploma and are now studying in top universities in Singapore and internationally. Their average score is 43 points!
Interviewed & Trained
Our regional Tuition Managers interview every prospective EIB tutor, to make sure they meet our exceptionally high standards.

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We propose tutors to each student we support. That way, we can listen carefully to your requirements, and use our unbeatable knowledge of our team to pair you with the perfect tutor.
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1. Consultation
We speak with every student and their family to understand their expectations. At this stage we take into account not only the type of tutor you need, but also the student's performance in the subject so far, ideal lesson times, and future ambitions.
2. Tutor Proposals
We propose tutors who we're confident best fit the needs of each individual student. We'll give you some time to review their profiles and if you're happy to proceed we'll put you in touch. If not, we'll carefully listen to your feedback and propose a better suited tutor.
3. Monitor & Progress
We have a robust reporting system, with tutors updating students and parents on the student's progress every month. In addition, students feedback about their tutors regularly, to ensure they’re getting the most out of their support.
Start your MYP Arts tuition today!
Once you register with us we'll look carefully at the information you provide us, ask for any other important information, and then make proposals of tutors who suit your availability, goals and requirements.
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Simple pricing so you can focus on learning

No packages, no subscriptions. Just three tiers of tutors, reflecting their experience and qualifications.

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Other IB tuition agencies offer students packages of hours. Often, these come with titles like “Exam Starter Pack” or “Complete Subject Support”. While we understand the economies of savings these offer students and families, we have a strong belief at EIB that every student is different, needs to find the tutor that works for them, and needs the support and guidance to explore the IB at a pace and in a way which matches their learning style. We do not believe all students can be tutored for an exam in the same 10 hour block and think it irresponsible to suggest standardised learning like this will work for every student. Instead, we ask families to work with EIB and their tutors to make sure the support they’re receiving offers the best progress and approach for their circumstance.

Tutors in our Standard Tier are regularly recent IB graduates who obtained a 7 in the Higher Level subjects they tutor and are pursuing the same discipline at university.

Their youth and enthusiasm, as recent IB alumni, help them bring together rigorous academic support with an energy and approachability which helps students demonstrate their ability and ambition.

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We find students who are struggling to enjoy or engage with an IB subject benefit particularly from Standard Tier tutors, whose youth and enthusiasm for their subjects can help enthuse students and motivate them to devote more time and effort to the subject.

Our Higher Tier comprises IB teachers and Examiners who taught IB programmes in IB schools, as well as tutors who have worked with us for many years and have received consistently outstanding feedback from students.

They combine impressive experience delivering one-to-one support to students with impressive knowledge of the syllabi in the subjects EIB has cleared them to teach to our students.

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Many of our Higher Tier tutors are IB teachers and IBO Examiners, which make them ideal for students who are looking to extend the classroom environment to their home, and learn with the structure and authority teachers provide.

Our final tier of tutor is composed of individuals who combine unrivalled experience and knowledge with a history of providing outstanding IB support, particularly of EIB’s students.

Tutors in this tier include former Heads of IB schools and departments, professors and lecturers at prestigious universities, longstanding IBO Examiners as well tutors with whom we’ve worked with closely for many, many years.

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