Oxford & Cambridge Admissions Support

With years of experience successfully supporting students in their applications to Oxford and Cambridge, and working alongside an outstanding team of Oxford and Cambridge graduate Consultants, admissions support is positioned to support applicants in every step of their application: from selecting the perfect college to preparing for their interview.

Oxford & Cambridge Admissions Support

Support Options

We advise every student to begin crafting their application as early as possible, and our Consultants are available to support applicants in every stage of making their application, whether considering courses or preparing for admissions tests.

We do not limit support for any part of a student’s application to a tier of support, and encourage each applicant to work closely together with their Consultant to devise a programme of support and guidance which suits them best, providing the requisite time for every student to grow in confidence and resolve before making their application.

Support Options

Mentoring Package

Our Mentoring Package is suited to applicants seeking the support of a Consultant throughout the application process, and applicants are placed with a Consultant who holds an Oxford or Cambridge degree in their chosen field of study. As with every option of support we provide, we encourage applicants to consider their time with their Consultants and to work with them to devise a programme of support conducive to their requirements. Generally, students benefit from using ten hours of their support to work with their Consultant on their application, considering college selection, personal statement guidance, and admissions test preparation. As part of the Mentoring Package, students are encouraged to have a second mock interview with another Consultant, in order to replicate the multiple interviews of Oxford & Cambridge’s application processes and prepare students comprehensively.

Spot Check

Many students are confident in their own understanding of the application process to Oxford & Cambridge, but would like the assistance of a Consultant with a particular aspect of their application or nuance of the application system. For these students our Spot Check places applicants with a Consultant from their chosen field of study to discuss whichever aspect they require support in. Consultants can assist applicants in crafting their personal statement, preparing for admissions tests, or selecting the best college to which to make their application. For students seeking assistance in their preparations for interview we offer our Mock Interview option of support.

One-off Consultation

A One-Off Consultation is ideal for students at any stage of their application to Oxford or Cambridge. During their consultation with their Consultant, applicants may receive guidance regarding the selection of Oxford or Cambridge colleges, a personal statement review, and any other initial application advice. Applicants receive a personal report, highlighting any areas which require improvement, as well as guidance on the next steps of their application, taking the form of a brief follow-up meeting.

Mock Interview

With each applicant’s performance at interview playing an integral part in the success of their application, our Mock Interview support provides students with an opportunity to be exposed to the rigours and challenges of interviewing at Oxford or Cambridge as part of their preparations for their real interview. Applicants benefit from over an hour of interview time, followed by bespoke feedback regarding their performance by their Consultant, an Oxford or Cambridge graduate, and advice and guidance on how to improve their performance before their real interview.

Get in touch

If you have questions about the support we can provide to you as you make your university applications, you can get in touch using the form below. Alternatively, you can call us at +44(0)20 3802 6862 to speak with a member of the team.