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Our outstanding quality of support is available to applicants, no matter at which stage they find themselves when making their application, whether preparing for their final interview or seeking to broaden their reading before considering courses. Students and Consultants work closely together, in tandem, to craft a timetable of support that suits the applicant best, building their confidence and knowledge of the admissions process and challenging students in order to better their applications.

Exemplar package
Long-term support

Raya applied to read Chemistry at Balliol College, Oxford. She began support with her Consultant the academic year prior to submitting her application.

Exemplar package
One-off Consultation

Clarissa applied to read Medicine at Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge. Her and her Consultant began support at the commencement of the academic year she applied.

  • Initial Consultation: Raya and her Consultant met first to discuss her application. Her Consultant completed his Masters and Doctoral degree in Chemistry at Oxford and had successfully supported numerous students in their applications to Oxford. They spoke about her interest in Chemistry, her ambitions after university, and why she wanted to attend Oxford.
  • Extra-curricular activities: Following encouragement from her Consultant, over the summer Raya continued to build on her extra-curricular profile after they considered appropriate activates for her to further demonstrate her passion for Chemistry.
  • Personal Statement: During a summer gaining invaluable experience, Raya began work on her Personal Statement, drawing from her experiences over the summer to craft a statement which reflected her academic excellence and ambition.
  • Mock Interviews: As a doctoral candidate, Raya’s Consultant had previously sat on interview panels, and helped her develop her confidence to demonstrate her passion for Chemistry alongside her outstanding knowledge of her field. Over the course of several weeks, Raya and her Consultant held several interviews, cementing her ability to apply her knowledge of Chemistry to interview questions and embody the flexibility and insight of successful Oxford applicants.

  • Considering colleges: Clarissa’s Consultant was in his second year studying Medicine at the University of Cambridge, and as a recent entrant into Medicine was well placed to advise Clarissa on which college was best for her. Clarissa and her Consultant discussed what she hoped to achieve at university, the interests she wished to pursue outside of her studies, and her academic background, to ensure Cambridge was the correct choice, before her Consultant advised her on the colleges which would value her application most.

Exemplar package

Patrick applied to read Mathematics and Philosophy at Trinity College, Oxford. He met with his lead Consultant to prepare to sit the Mathematics Admissions Test.

  • Admissions tests: Patrick was an exceptional candidate, with an unrivalled academic record, but was concerned by his lack of exposure to admissions tests. He met with his Consultant, a Mathematical Tripos graduate from the University of Oxford, to discuss the MAT in detail. Patrick and his Consultant worked through example Mathematics Admission Test papers to become familiar with the questions, and to acquire the lateral-thinking technique students are expected to demonstrate in the MAT.

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