Oxford & Cambridge Applications

How we select our Consultants

In order to ensure every applicant benefits from the best support, we hold our Consultants to the highest standard. Whilst each member of our consulting team is an Oxford or Cambridge graduate - and so has experienced, first-hand how to successfully navigate the admissions process to Oxford & Cambridge - we expect every Consultant to demonstrate the finest academic pedigree and experience successfully supporting students in their applications to Oxford and Cambridge, in order to join our team.

Every Consultant is interviewed in-person by our in-house consulting team, and are considered on the merits of their academic achievements, knowledge of their subject-field, and past-support of applicants to ensure they are equipped to support students in every aspect of their application, from choosing the right college for to preparing for their admissions tests. We speak with each Consultant to ensure they are equipped with the resources and knowledge they require to meet the exceptional standards we expect from their support.

We consistently review the feedback we receive for every Consultant, monitoring the progress and development of both out Consultants and the applicants they support.

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