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Alongside the individual support we offer to applicants, our Oxford & Cambridge Mock Interview Course provides applicants with an intensive, day-long Course, lead by our most experienced Consultants, to prepare for the rigours and challenges Oxford and Cambridge interviews present candidates with.


The Oxford & Cambridge Mock Interview Course

Held over the course of a single day, at our Central London offices, the Oxford & Cambridge Mock Interview Course are split between the morning seminars, where students and Consultants discuss interview technique, how to structure the answers to interview questions, and how interview panel members scores candidates performance, and the afternoon where students experience a number of mock interviews, to replicate the interview environment.

Candidates are interviews by Consultants from their chosen field of study, and after interviews, candidates sit with their interviewers to receive detailed feedback and guidance, to best prepare them for their interview.

You can find out more about the Oxford & Cambridge Mock Interview Course here.

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