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A combination of core workshops (TOK, EE) and subject preparation to boost your confidence and prepare you for a strong start in the IB programme.

A flexible schedule to kick-start your IB

The Pre-IB Revision Course offers students an introduction to multiple subjects and core elements of the IB, so that you arrive on your first day of the IB perfectly prepared.

Multiple Time Zones

Workshops run from 9:00 - 13:00 UTC +1, making these courses suitable for any students based in Europe, Africa, or the Middle East. The course will start at 10:00 for those in Geneva or Berlin, 11:00 if you are in Cairo, and will run 12:00 - 16:00 for those in Dubai.

Small Workshop Sizes

Subject classes are capped at just 6 students, and the latest conferencing software makes communicating with your new peers easy.

Maximum Tutor Time

Tutors balance time spent one-on-one with each student, class discussions, and group problem solving, meaning there is plenty of time to ask and answer all of your questions.

Core IB Workshops

7th August

A full session covering core IB skills. Learn alongside others at the same stage as you, and share strategies and understanding with each other and our team of expert IB expert tutors. The workshop is split between teaching you about the expectations and components of the IB programme, many of which may be new to you, and discussing and developing essential academic skills. There will also be a dedicated Theory of Knowledge element to help you familiarise yourself with this unusual IB component.

Theory of Knowledge (TOK)

Theory of Knowledge is an exciting component of the IB core that is new to many students. It focuses on understanding knowledge itself, and interrogating how we know what we know, and ties directly into all of your other IB subjects. Your grade in TOK is combined with the Extended Essay to award the additional 3 core point, so it is hugely important. A TOK tutor will introduce you to the concepts and techniques you will study over the next two years, and help demystify this unique IB subject.

Extended Essay

The Extended Essay and subject Internal Assessments make up the written coursework required for your IB diploma, and completing them to a high standard is crucial for your final score. The Extended Essay is an opportunity to delve into a topic that interests you, directing your own research and ultimately writing up your findings. In this session we will outline the requirements, and learn about academic research, note-taking, writing and referencing, to ensure that you tackle these tasks with confidence from the offset, and enjoy the challenge of the EE.


10th & 11th August

Maths is taught in two different routes at the IB, Analysis & Approaches and Applications & Interpretation. At the course, maths will be split into 4 workshops, meaning each route and level can be treated separately. If you are undecided as to which course to take, we will be able to advise on the best way to spend this day to get a taster of the different options.

Maths: Analysis & Approaches

Maths: A&A is most similar to the old HL and SL Maths syllabus, and reflects traditional higher Mathematics pathways. Students develop a deep understanding of core mathematical theories and concepts and learn to apply these to a range of problems. Of the two routes, Maths A&A is closer to ‘pure’ mathematics, and is suited to those looking to study Maths, Sciences, Economics or Engineering at university.

Maths: Applications & Interpretations

Maths: A&I focuses on the application of Maths to real-world examples, developing students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills and incorporating the use of technology. Maths A&I SL is most similar to the old Maths Studies syllabus, and either level of Maths A&I are suitable for those looking to study Arts, Law, or Business at university.

My tutor went in depth into the topics we didn't understand and doing paste papers questions also helped a lot. He is really good at explaining and in making me more comfortable for the exam.

EIB courses student


8th & 9th August or 12th & 13th (Chemistry)

At the Pre-IB course we will offer workshops covering the 4 most popular sciences. We have staggered these workshops so that students studying Chemistry alongside Biology or Physics can work on both. Students will be taught in mixed HL/SL groups, as the initial topics in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and ESS are common to both HL and SL students. Each new topic you learn in science builds on the last, so a solid foundation is key to understanding and mastering the entire two year syllabus.


8th & 9th August

Biology at the IB is an exciting course that examines everything from the largest ecosystem to the smallest cell structures. In this workshop your tutor will use diagrams, examples, and discussion to explore the foundations of the IB topics: cell biology, molecular biology, human physiology, ecology and evolution, and maybe even a bit of genetics!


8th & 9th August

Physics at HL or SL is a deep dive into the world around us and those beyond. Physicists will study everything from motion and forces to nuclear and particle physics, so a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental theories and techniques is vital. Physics at the IB is essential for aspiring engineers, and of course physicists, but the subject can be enjoyed by anyone interested in the phenomena around us, from what makes ice-cream melt to the possibilities of nuclear power.


12th & 13th August

Studying Chemistry in the IB you will examine everything from food to batteries to medicine - understanding the nature of matter, and how we use chemistry to build the world around us. Chemistry is a vital topic for anyone interested in pursuing Medicine, Environmental Sciences, and many branches of Engineering, but will be relevant and fascinating to everyone.


8th & 9th August

ESS is a fascinating cross-discipline subject, combining both aspects of both the sciences and humanities. You will delve deeply into all aspects of the living world, looking at a variety of biomes and their species diversity, the movement of energy through the environment, and the delicate equilibria of environmental systems like the water and nitrogen cycles. The subject also analyses the human impact on these systems, how resource management influences human populations, and the current and future impacts of human-caused issues like pollution and climate change.

Economics or Business Management

12th & 13th August

There are lots of options for studying group 3 (individuals and societies) during the IBDP, however for the Pre-IB course we have decided to focus on two of the most popular subjects that are often new to IB students. Expert tutors will introduce you to the Economics or Business Management syllabus, and give you a taste of the topics, case studies, and concepts that you will get the chance to study over the next two years.


12th & 13th August

Economics at the IB is an exciting, dynamic social science which combines quantitative and qualitative scientific methodologies with close socio-cultural analysis of case-studies and scenarios. The study of economics is essentially about dealing with scarcity, resource allocation and the methods and processes by which choices are made in the satisfaction of human wants. Economics is obviously crucial for those hoping to study economics or business at university, and should be supported with strong mathematics skills.

Business Management

12th & 13th August

The IB business management course is designed to develop students’ knowledge and understanding of business management theories, as well as their ability to apply a range of tools and techniques. The HL and SL syllabus contains 5 key areas: business organisation and environment, human resource management, finance and accounts, marketing, and operations management. Tutors will use case studies to illustrate each concept, and students will learn to think holistically and strategically about all areas of business.

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