Pre-IB Summer Course

The Pre-IB Course is the best way to ensure you’re perfectly prepared to start the International Baccalaureate in the new academic year. Our unique programme of core workshops will introduce you to the most novel aspects of the IB, and our subject tuition will make sure you hit the ground running when classes start.

Pre-IB Summer Course, 2018

Subject Workshops

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is made up of six subject groups and students will choose three Higher Level and three Standard Level subjects. Choosing the right subjects and levels may not be the easiest depending on the subjects on offer at your IB school and there are many factors which will influence your decision. At the Pre-IB Course we encourage students to explore the difference between Higher and Standard levels, and to refresh their knowledge and ensure they are comfortable with both pre-assumed knowledge before tackling the first topics of the syllabus. Below you can read a bit more about the subject specific workshops on offer:

Mathematics HL/SL (Advanced)

If you are a strong analytical thinker, and are considering pursuing a degree which requires a strong degree of Maths, you will be considering Maths Standard or Maths Higher for the IB. This workshop will cover the basics of Maths SL & HL, combining subject review with establishing the difference between the two programmes. Learn from IB graduates about the differences between the two syllabus, explore some of the topics you will come across in your first IB year and cover the assumed knowledge portions of the syllabus. By the time you leave the workshop you will feel confident in your decision, and have a solid grounding in IB maths!

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Geography SL and HL
History SL and HL

For anyone debating taking History or Geography, get a chance to explore how the IB encourages students to explore these two subjects. In separate workshops, learn about how they differ from potential MYP or GCSE subjects and what you are expected to know by the final exams in two years time.

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English Language & Literature SL & HL
English Literature HL & SL

This English workshop offers students the chance to explore the IB English subjects through a variety of different channels - begin the day by getting to grips with genre-specific terminology expected in the IB, followed by a workshop seeking to leave the students understanding the difference between Language & Literature and Literature, both in terms of content and expectation as well as what universities look for from English students. The afternoon will be spent applying the knowledge acquired from the morning session in different ways, using new vocabulary and general analysing skills.

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English Language & Literature

English Literature

Mathematics SL/Studies (Standard)

If you are thinking of taking more humanities based higher levels, but are still interested in the fundamentals of Mathematics, then this course is for you. The day will be focused around covering common areas of weakness for Pre IB students intending to sit Maths Studies or Math Standard, which are suprisingly different courses! We will investigate the fundamentals of functions, touch on statistics and look at how to use a TI-83 calculator. By the end of the day, you should have an appreciation about which level of Maths you are planning to pursue, and feel confident in all aspects of assumed knowledge.

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Biology SL and HL, Chemistry SL and HL, Physics SL and HL

Choose the science subject you are debating choosing in the IB, for a chance to catch up on presumed knowledge for the subjects and to get a feel for some of the topics which you will come across in your first year. If you are looking to take more than one science subject, Biology SL and HL is offered on two separate occasions. Explore the difference between SL and HL and leave with a greater concept of the syllabus. On the 2nd August, all science subject attendees will join together for the last hour of the day to share what they have covered in the day for a chance to offer students a comparison on the different science subjects and what they cover in the IB.

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Economics SL and HL
Business and Management SL and HL

For many students, Economics and Business and Management are brand new subjects which has not been studied previously. This one-day crash course covers in the basics, exploring the overall concepts which will be covered in the IB and touching upon the difference between SL and HL in the two subjects respectively. The workshop promises to leave you burning to get started on the IB content in the upcoming academic year.

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Business & Management


Are you looking for support in a subject not listed above? Please let us know on [email protected] and we will be in touch to discuss alternative arrangements.

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