Pre-IB Online Summer Course

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10th - 14th August 2020
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Elite IB tutors
[My tutor] helped me personally so much and really made me so much more confident
2020 Online Course Participant

What makes our courses great

At Elite IB we are experts, not just in teaching the IB, but also teaching it online. Through regular tutoring, our team are comfortable working in this environment, and are trained to incorporate online teaching resources that ensure you have a fun, engaging, and productive experience!

Everyone who teaches on our courses has either gone through the IB themselves, or taught in an IB school, so they know exactly what kinds of questions you might be asking yourself right now, and exactly how you can best prepare yourself to start your Diploma.

Led by outstanding tutors.

The Pre-IB Online Summer Course is delivered by our outstanding team of tutors, who have been delivering our IB support to students for nearly a decade. High-scoring IB graduates, IB teachers, and IB Examiners mean you’ll get exceptional support every day on the Programme.
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