EIB Featured School: Box Hill School

Timothy Hoffmann

Elite IB Summer Mid-IB Course 2017 was hosted at the beautiful Box Hill School in Surrey. We caught up with Mr Julian Baker, IB Coordinator at Box Hill to hear a bit more about the school and its IB Diploma Programme.

EIB: Please tell us a bit about Box Hill School…

Box Hill School has a long heritage of delivering first-class learning in a warm, supportive, holistic and nurturing atmosphere.  For nearly sixty years we have proudly remained a truly independent school. A founder member of ‘Round Square’ alongside Gordonstoun in Scotland and Aiglon College in Switzerland, we promote international understanding, democracy, care for the world around us, a sense of adventure, and the qualities of leadership and service.  We see excellent academic results as an outcome of a focus on character.

Over 400 students attend Box Hill School.  We are a co-educational 11-18 day and boarding school which offers GCSEs, A levels and the International Baccalaureate diploma programme. Two-thirds of our students are from local British families and come from towns and villages surrounding Box Hill. Our community of 150 borders represent 36 different countries around the world.

EIB: How long has Box Hill been teaching the IB?

Box Hill is proud to have been offering the IBDP for ten years.

EIB: What are the benefits of taking the IB at Box Hill?

Our students study in an internationally-minded, supportive community whose own ethos ties in perfectly with the philosophy of the IBO. From a Coordinator’s perspective, the best thing about their IB experience is how much they grow as individuals, becoming academically and socially open-minded people who approach learning as a lifelong pursuit, who are tolerant and ready to face challenges in an ever more globalised world.

EIB: What are past IB graduates from Box Hill doing today?

Our IB graduates go on to study in some of the best universities in the UK and abroad, the vast majority of them getting into their first choice university. Having acquired a taste for living in the UK, many stay in and around London after university. You will find Box Hill IB graduates in every walk of life from Medicine or Law to Hotel Management or setting up their own companies.

EIB: What advice would you give IB students ahead of their exams and preparing for summer?

Since three weeks of that final month would be taken up by their final diploma exams, good advice would be to keep a clear head, take exercise, use relaxation techniques, and get a sensible amount of sleep – all whilst ensuring that exam preparation is their priority.

EIB: What does the future hold in store for Box Hill?

In the future we will continue teaching our students with the same core ethos whilst enhancing the development of facilities around the school campus, starting with a sports hall, which will open up opportunities for our students as well as members of the local community.

If you are interested in joining our Mid-IB Summer Course this August, why not contact us at [email protected] or find out more on our website.