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Cambridge IGCSE Physical Education Subject Brief – First Examination 2019

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Cambridge IGCSE Subject Briefs: Physical Education. This subject brief covers the syllabus for 2019 onwards.

This Cambridge IGCSE curriculum is made for students who wish to learn about the practical and theoretical aspects of physical education. The aim is to encourage enjoyment in sports and physical activity by providing students with the opportunity to take part in a range of physical activities and develop an understanding of effective and safe physical activity.  It focuses mainly on the principles, practices and training that underpins performance, health and well-being. You do not necessarily have to be ‘sporty’ to undertake the course – and instead need to have an interest in health practices and be willing to engage in physical activity.

Topics covered:

The syllabus covers four main topics, which are Anatomy and Physiology, Health, Fitness and Training, Skill acquisition and Psychology, Social, Cultural and Ethical Influences

For more information on each topic area, check out the Cambridge syllabus. The below tweet exemplifies the different lenses you could be considering sports from – both a historic, social and physiological perspective; how did she do it? why? what was the impact of her performance?

1972 Munich Olympics. 17 y.o Soviet gymnast Olga Korbut stuns the audience by performing a move that is now known as 'the Korbut flip'.

— Mood:Vintage (@moodvintage) 8 August 2018
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