Economics IA

Timothy Hoffmann

Tips for IB Economics IA

Economics IAs are really not a struggle as long as you find something interesting to write about.

It can feel daunting when you have to write not one but three Economics IAs. How do you find the time to write all of them, when you struggle to write even one for some subjects? The good news is, Economics IAs are really not a struggle as long as you find something interesting to write about.

Start by finding a news article. It is important to find one not focused on economics, as you want to do the analysis yourself. Feel free to find an article completely irrelevant, as long as it has some elements you can draw from to explain IB Economics knowledge. Browse through news websites to find your options, and it is a good idea to keep several open to explore potential topics and materials for each.

An easy way to do this is by starting an IA for each topic as you just finish learning the topic in class. You will have a clear understanding of materials in the topic while they are still fresh in your memory. It will also help you prevent cramming three IAs in a week.

You can also make the whole process more interesting by finding articles of your interest. It could be about anything from robots to environmental issues. You could also find articles from different countries, as many newsagents around the world now have articles written in English. This will deepen your analysis as you will be able to explore economics of different countries associated.

Just by reading an article you may have a vague idea on what to write about, but it might not be enough to cover a whole IA. Simply look over your notes or textbook to make a rough guide on all materials covered in the topic. Make particular note of specific economics terms and graphs that you can incorporate into your IA. You can then start writing out an outline, linking class material to specific details in your article.

As a final step, make the most out of your teacher’s comments to create the best final draft possible. Try to create a good draft before handing it in so your teacher does not need to comment on simple mistakes, and can focus on real advice instead. Take every single piece of advice into account when writing your final draft, making sure it acknowledges all the requirements by the IB as well as your teacher.

Economics IA can be enjoyable if you find something you like to write about. Explore different articles and ideas to find ones that work best for you.

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