EIB Featured School: International School of London

Timothy Hoffmann

Ahead of the beginning of the new academic year, we spoke to the International School of London.

EIB: Please tell us a bit about ISL…

ISL: ISL is now well into its fifth decade of success. The aim from the school’s beginning was to create a welcoming family school based upon the ideals of international mindedness, identity, mother tongue language development and a passion for learning. Today, ISL London has grown into a school of nearly 450 students on two campuses. Our school has earned a global reputation as a leading International Baccalaureate (IB) school and is justifiably seen as one of the UK’s best and most experienced international schools.

For how long has ISL been teaching the IB?

We are just celebrating our 40th anniversary.

What is the best thing about taking the IB a ISL?

We are a small, friendly, diverse and supportive school where, students get individualised care and advice. Each student is part of a small tutor group and their wellbeing is closely monitored. They can also continue studies in their first language if they choose. Around two thirds of our students are awarded bilingual diplomas each year.

What are past IB graduates from ISL doing today?

ISL’s IB graduates have gone on to work across a range of different sectors. We have alumni working as data scientists, interior designers, engineers, journalists, midwives and consultants, as well as some who have gone down the entrepreneur route to start their own companies. We also have alumni in positions at well-known organisations such as Google, Bloomberg, Barclays, Deloitte, Indeed.com, Citi and others.

What advice would you give IB students ahead of their final IB year?

I would advise that when they start the Diploma Programme they plan well from the start of the course, if they want to be successful. Ahead of their final year, I would tell them to use their summer wisely preparing for their Extended Essay, completing coursework and revising their first year work.

What does the future hold in store for ISL?

Our numbers are healthy and we look forward to continuing success and growth.