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English Resources

Choosing the right subjects can set up a student for life. Make sure your child starts the IB on the right foot by speaking with an EIB Consultant to pick the perfect subjects.

Bianca, a teacher of English and humanities to pupils aged 12-18 for the past ten years, as well as an examiner for IB and IGCSE, has produced a wide range of high-quality resources that can be useful to students and teachers – some free, some paid, and all available via the TES webshop (

Tutor: Bianca Pellet

University: (subject, university) Classics and English (University of Exeter); General Linguistics and Comparative Philology (University of Oxford)

Subjects: English A (Literature; Language & Literature); English B; Extended Essay

I take an interdisciplinary approach to teaching and private tutoring, which means that my resources can apply to a wide range of subjects, including history, media studies, sociology, and drama.

Free resources in my webshop include a mental health history timeline; possible reasons for Blanche’s behaviour, as gleaned from scene 1 of A Streetcar Named Desire; stimuli to practise critical thinking skills (great for a range of syllabuses, whether Global Perspectives or TOK!); a fast-food project that could be used in PSHE or social studies; a comprehension activity based on the Financial Times article Life on the Climate Front Line that would be great for advanced students of geography; an information sheet about how to write a feature article; ads, cartoons and recipes to develop student analytical skills concerning unseen non-fiction texts; charts to help with the analysis of stage directions or the features of sonnets; and a pack of blog entries to explore the changes made to Enid Blyton’s books.

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Among the payable resources in my webshop are full lesson and unit plans (in some cases including Powerpoints); activities to help practise the use of idioms and different noun types; a case study of skincare brand Simple which could be used to teach connotation in English as well as marketing in business classes; an article about David Cameron’s “war on multiculturalism” with comprehension questions which could be used in sociology or politics lessons; tasks relating to Alain-Fournier’s novel Le Grand Meaulnes which could be used in English or translated into French; fact sheets about Machiavelli and the IRA that could be used in history, as well as to provide background in English; quizzes about historical backgrounds and quotations from texts; and many more!

The resources are great for revision, homework, or in-class activities.

I’m always open to queries and constructive feedback to improve the resources for you and hopefully help me become a better teacher and resource creator.

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Timothy Hoffmann