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Friday Fortnight Tips

Choosing the right subjects can set up a student for life. Make sure your child starts the IB on the right foot by speaking with an EIB Consultant to pick the perfect subjects.

Hello all!

The end of the week has come, to the relief of many I’m sure, so you should all take the weekend to wind down as it has probably been quite a busy week.

Extended Essay
For some of you, the first draft of your Extended Essay is due soon, so make sure you’re on top of all of your work so can ace your EE. Those 3 extra points from EE and TOK can go a long way when you’re applying to university and trying to meet your university offer, so it is really worth all the effort (and pain) you’re going through now!

Starting the new year right
Now that everyone has started school and is back into the swing of things, you can make sure that you continue the year on the right foot. Stay on top of your work and tasks so that the IB doesn’t take over your life.

  • For one, be organised.
  • Keep all your subjects in different folders and keep all your notes (they’ll be very useful come exams!).
  • Each subject has its ideal way of organising. For example, it’s a great idea to have two notebooks for language B subjects – one for notes, and the other for new words, interesting vocabulary and grammar points.
  • Be organised with your time as well.
  • As unappealing as it may be, starting assignments as soon as you get them is a great habit to form, which you will benefit from repeatedly. Writing a quick 2-5 sentence journal entry after each CAS activity will save you so much time and effort when it comes to writing your final reflection, trust us!

Upcoming Deadlines
Also, for all those science students out there hoping to apply to Medicine, Dentistry or other related medical subjects, don’t forget the following:

  • 2015 UKCAT registration closes on 22nd September 2015
  • 2015 BMAT standard entry closes on 1st October 2015.
  • That’s only 4 days away, and 13 days for the BMAT!

Elite IB update – New tutor
On our side of things, we’re very proud of one of our new tutors – Filippa.

  • She graduated from the IB in Stockholm with an impressive 45 points and graduated this summer with a BA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from the University of Oxford.
  • She has tutored students for several years now in subjects such as Economics, English and Maths, and has inspired confidence in her students.

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All in all, we are very excited to welcome such a promising and bright new tutor to our team!

Best Wishes,
Elite IB Tutors

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Timothy Hoffmann