Googling It by Lucy Macfarlane

Timothy Hoffmann

Google- like searching for a needle in a haystack.

As Extended Essay deadlines are fast approaching, there is some good news for students getting stuck into their research. The link below is to a simple infographic (graphic visual representations of data, knowledge or information) showing the wide array of search techniques available to make sure the article you’re after comes out on top. Whether you’re filtering by date, journal, research question or even for a specific fact, these easy to use useful tips will make the world of difference to the time you spend ‘online researching’.

If you don’t make it to the full article, one tip to take away is: search for the answer not the question. While that sounds deep and philosophical it’s actually straight forward. If you want to know how big the diameter of the earth is type ‘the diameter of the earth is…’ rather than phrasing it like a question.

Click the link below to check out the full infographic.