IB Tutor Interviews: Hana

Timothy Hoffmann

Tutor: Hana Pascal Keegan

IBDP score: 39 Points

University: United World College Davis Scholar at College of the Atlantic, USA

In our Tutor Interview series, we put the spotlight on members of our outstanding tutoring team. From IB graduates to teachers and Examiners, we share their stories and their advice about the International Baccalaureate to help you make your own IB a success.


Why did you choose to do the IB? 

Interdisciplinarity. Broadening my academic experience and skills to keep my options open for university and career paths. Learning how to conduct independent research and write whilst managing a rigorous academic schedule. Pursing a diploma with an international approach and prestige.


What did you enjoy about the IB?

Studying 6 subjects with peers from over 85 different countries. Travelling to Israel-Palestine for HL History. Having to write reflections upon why and how I was learning from the 6 subjects, TOK, EE and CAS. Learning how to pursue my own interests through independent research.


What was the most challenging part of the IB?

Learning to formulate research questions and think strategically about primary and secondary sources, allowing this to inform the refinement of coursework. Time management required for completing long term coursework, as well as working on multiple coursework for different subjects simultaneously.


What did you do for your CAS/TOK? 

My CAS included Media & Communications (film-making), Marine Environmental Monitoring & Conservation, and chairing a Student Sustainability Council, organising a 2 conference bringing together students with environmental experts. I also taught English in rural China during the summer.

For the TOK essay, I proposed the inclusion of memory as a fifth way of knowing, situating my discussion in History and Theatre Arts. For the presentation, I questioned the necessity of interviews in terms of which ways of knowing they draw upon.