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IB Tutor Interviews: Mhari

Choosing the right subjects can set up a student for life. Make sure your child starts the IB on the right foot by speaking with an EIB Consultant to pick the perfect subjects.

Tutor: Mhari Gordon

IBDP score: 34

University: Geography (2018), University of Exeter

Subjects: ESS, Geography

In our Tutor Interview series, we put the spotlight on members of our outstanding tutoring team. From IB graduates to teachers and Examiners, we share their stories and their advice about the International Baccalaureate to help you make your own IB a success.

EIB: Why did you choose to do the IB?

I chose to do the IB diploma as the structure of the programme encompasses a variety of different subjects. This was particularly useful as I was not sure what university degree I was wanting to apply to when completing my IGCSEs.

What did you enjoy about the IB?

The breadth and depth of the syllabus, especially if they were personal areas of interest.

What was the most challenging part of the IB?

Getting used to the workload and effort that is demanded to do well in the IB.

What did you do for your CAS/TOK/EE?

  • CAS; fundraising initiatives, web designing and competitive horse riding
  • TOK; One of the essay questions and a presentation about GMOs
  • EE; ‘Investigating the potential effects of rooftop gardens in the city of Geneva’

What are you currently studying?

BA Geography at the University of Exeter. I really enjoy climate change and environmental studies.

How did the IB prepare you for this?

Parts of material that was covered in some of the IB subjects (Geography, Economics, Mathematics and Environmental Systems and Societies) made an appearance in some of the modules in the first and second year of university.

What are your plans for the future?

I am considering doing a masters degree after completing my bachelors and would then be hoping to find work with an environmental consultant or the equivalent.  

Why do you enjoy tutoring?

I enjoy tutoring as I am given the chance to ‘give back’ and help others. From my own learning difficulties, I have learnt that it takes a different amount of time for an individual to learn and understand. In many cases, the information may need to be presented in a different way or broken down into smaller and more manageable pieces. It is very rewarding when a student has their “eureka” moment.

What makes a successful tutor?

A successful tutor needs to be able to identify when their students are fully confident with the material that is being taught or revised. Being able to adapt to different learning styles and breaking down the material into sizable chunks. Also, having a sense of humour at times becomes more enjoyable for the student and tutor.

What tips do you have for current IB students?

Create to-do lists so that you do not forget to do something or hand in a piece of work. This can also be done by mapping out the deadlines onto a multi-month calendar.

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How did you organise your revision?

Working back from when the exams were, and making sure that my weaker subjects had enough time to be attended to. I used AM and PM revision slots and would allocate one subject to a slot. Make sure to do the past papers under exam conditions.

What would do you differently next time?

Trust in myself that I do know the material and spend more time on exam technique and dealing with exam pressure and stress strategies.

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