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If things didn’t go to plan…

Choosing the right subjects can set up a student for life. Make sure your child starts the IB on the right foot by speaking with an EIB Consultant to pick the perfect subjects.

For those of you who just missed your required marks (either a specific subject mark, or your total), you should take heart from the fact that the IB is so highly regarded by universities, and also that your results have come out so long before equivalent school-leaving exams that you have a number of options. We would recommend the steps below:

  1. Ask your school for your subject mark breakdown. If you have only just missed your required grade (by 2-3%) there is a decent chance that with a re-mark you may go up a grade boundary. However, don’t take this risk if you are near a lower grade boundary as your mark can go down as well as up. Also, be wary that there is likely to be more fluctuation in humanities and languages than for maths or science subjects.
  2. Request the relevant re-marks from (1) above, and ensure you pay for these in full to your school to ensure this happens quickly. Note that the deadline for re-mark requests is in early September, though we would advise requesting re-marks within days of receiving your results.
  3. If your offer was, say, 36 with 6, 6, 5 at HL and you obtained 37 with 6, 5, 5 at HL, there is still an extremely good chance you will be given your place. Call and e-mail the admissions department of your Firm UCAS choice explaining your situation and ask if there is still a chance that you can take up your place. Be eager, state how devastated you are to have missed your mark but explain how grateful you would be and how hard you will work if they are able to show some leniency. The most likely response is that they will say you have to wait until A-level results come out in August. IB re-marks take a few weeks to process so it is vital that you request this immediately before A-level results come out to remove this potential doubt (in case your university offers your place to an A-level student who also narrowly missed their marks).
  4. If the above procedure is not successful, the best step is to see if your university will accept you for a similar degree course that has slightly lower entry requirements. Pending excellent work in your first year, there may be a possibility of transferring across into your desired course, although do ensure this is a possibility before going down this path.
  5. If you have your heart set on a particular course, Clearing may be your best option. Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more about this.
  6. Re-sits. If an exam went absolutely terribly, it may be worth considering deferring your application for a year and taking re-sits. Re-sit exams take place in November and May of the upcoming academic year and we would urge you to contact your IB Co-ordinator as soon as possible to discuss registration deadlines.

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If you do intend to resit any of your subjects, put your study hat on once again and remember, EIB Tutors are here to help!

Fingers crossed the above applies to very few of you, but we do hope it is useful for those who had a bad day at the office.

As a team may we wish all of you who have completed the IBDP every success in the future, good luck!

Best Wishes for the summer,
Elite IB Tutors

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Timothy Hoffmann