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Insights From a Past Easter Revision Course Attendee

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Our flagship IB Easter Revision Courses are just around the corner. One of our main focuses is that students leave feeling confident, inspired and with those extra few tips and tricks from our excellent tutors to go on to hit the highest marks. As such, many of our students leave, passing on recommendations to friends and family members – something we are very proud of! In fact, some of our students even return to tutor our students and pass on their invaluable experience and knowledge.

Jordan is one such student who attended our Easter Revision Courses in 2016, after a “friend in the year above, who also wanted help preparing for the HL Maths exams… found the Easter revision course particularly beneficial.”

Jordan was kind enough to answer a few questions for us about the Courses and what they can offer you. He had this to say;

I found the revision course truly rewarding. It was largely dictated by the needs of focused and dedicated students, whilst our tutor offered exam-focused tips which were ultimately useful in the final exams. The tutorial group was small, allowing the tutor to focus on our weaknesses but also encouraged the students to help each other. The tutor was laid back, which made the whole experience comforting during an undeniably stressful period, but nevertheless ensured we got through as many papers as possible.

The invaluable support and tips Jordan obtained from the Course helped him in securing a place studying Economics and Economics History at the prestigious University of Edinburgh. He attributes his continuing success on his Bachelors to the IB, which “has undeniably made a huge contribution, not only in the knowledge I acquired during the two years but also in the workload management skills I had to develop during the IB.”

Jordan has continued to pass on his passion for studying and the IB to his students. While he acknowledges that the “infamous workload” seemed daunting at times, “it was a great character-building experience,” and additions such as the Extended Essay helped him develop a thorough grounding in referencing and academic writing that he has been able to utilise at university. Furthermore, the IB offered Jordan a wider academic experience and “the opportunity to do subjects such as English, Spanish and Physics at Standard Level that is not related to my university degree, but has broadened my horizons.”

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Lastly, he gave us these vital pieces of advice:

Start revision early and break up the workload gradually. I benefited from this as it allowed me to continue playing sports and sleeping correctly, which I believe is key to working efficiently and managing stress. The more prepared you are, the calmer you will be in the actual exam and the better you will perform!

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If you would like some more information about our Easter Revision Courses, you can contact us at:

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Timothy Hoffmann