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International Community School - Making the World of Difference

Choosing the right subjects can set up a student for life. Make sure your child starts the IB on the right foot by speaking with an EIB Consultant to pick the perfect subjects.

Elite IB Tutors had the pleasure of catching up with one of central London’s IB Schools, International Community School, for a bit of insight into what it is like to take the IB at ICS, and how best to prepare for upcoming IB Exams.

EIB: Please tell us a bit about ICS…

ICS was founded a little under 40 years ago, in the heart of London, to serve the needs of local and ex-pat families. We serve over 65 nationalities from all corners of the Earth including the UK. We are a co-educational, IB World School, teaching children aged 3-18, through all three programmes: the PYP, MYP and IB Diploma. All three programmes have been introduced during the last 10 years, with the Diploma beginning 6 years ago.

The Head of School, Mr David Laird and the Senior Leadership Team are committed to creating a school where children thrive, embrace learning opportunities and enjoy their learning experience. There is a sense of urgency at the school as we develop children that will all go to universities of their choice, who are ‘learning agile and very marketable to both universities worldwide, and future employers.
EIB: Why should students consider studying the IB at ICS?

The IB Diploma is a world-class qualification recognised in over 120 countries including the UK, USA and European Union countries. Rose Threlfall has been a UK University counsellor for 25 years and observed during this time how UK Universities have embraced the Diploma.

Small classes and highly experienced Diploma teachers and tutors facilitate a strong learning culture at the school. Students are chosen to join the school who will thrive in this programme and the school has a strong culture of helping students develop excellent work habits, time management, examination technique and success.

EIB: The IB is tough, how do you help your students prepare for the IB exams?

Revision begins on the first day of the IB Diploma! We teach our students to maintain excellent notes, to plan their time so that Internal Assessment pieces (coursework) are produced to their very best ability, and ensure tests and examination prior to the actual exams are taken seriously. All the research shows that ‘cramming’ leads to poor recall and, instead, a student should test and retest themselves over several months (longer if possible), practising an ‘active’ revision strategy. Teachers at ICS develop ‘active’ revision techniques and teach our students the skill-set to be outstanding independent learners.

EIB: These strategies are working as you have had lots of success. What are past ICS graduates doing today?

A huge array of university subjects from filmmaking, to law, and mathematics. Our top graduate last year is studying Mathematics at Oxford University and loving it! The range of universities and course choices is incredible. ICS graduates have recently progressed onto the London School of Economics, John Hopkins University (USA), The University of British Columbia (Canada), University of Sydney (Australia), University of Budapest (Hungary), SOAS and King’s College London – all world-class universities.

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EIB: What does the future hold in store for ICS?

We’re excited to be expanding our language provision next year for children from ages 3 – 18, teaching as part of our school day French, Spanish and Mandarin. We also offer Mother Tongue courses both in and after school. We are developing closer links to our sister school in Paris, Hattemer, which although not an IB school has been offering the French Baccalaureate for many years. We are excited to find strong and deep academic links together. Our Summer School offers outstanding English Language courses and university preparation.

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Timothy Hoffmann