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Mid-IB: A Day at the Courses

Choosing the right subjects can set up a student for life. Make sure your child starts the IB on the right foot by speaking with an EIB Consultant to pick the perfect subjects.

With less than two months away, spaces are filling up at the Mid-IB Summer Course in London. You’ll meet other IB students from around the world, living and learning together in small groups and laying the groundwork for success before embarking on your final year of the IB. Crafted solely for students about to enter their final year of the International Baccalaureate, this is a perfect opportunity for students to revise the material and subjects they covered in the first year of the IB, and to get a head start on your subjects before the second year kicks off.

The Course begins on Sunday the 6th August, with arrivals to Box Hill School from 17:00. Whether you will be coming from central London or flying in from abroad, we are here to assist with everything from airport transfers to collective travel from Waterloo station. When you arrive, you will get a chance to settle in and get to know your fellow IB students and the Elite IB Course team ahead of the start of the workshops on Monday. By the time you go to bed on that first night, you should be buzzing and ready to go for a week of workshops, university tours and organised activities!

Each day at the course will begin at 8:00 with a joint breakfast over at the back of Dalewood House in the main cafeteria. Following the traditional English breakfast (or a more continental option for those who fancy it), we will have a team talk ahead of the start of the workshops at 9:00.

Each day a different workshop will await you. You might be starting your EEs & Theory of Knowledge master class, or a day of Biology tuition. With a break for lunch midday, the workshops will continue until 16:00, with an exception of the Tuesday when the whole group will head into central London for a tour of some of London’s central Universities as well as a chance to see a theatre show in London’s famous West End!

Workshops end at 16:00 each day, followed by a chance to relax, spend time with the other students, or playing sports on the grounds at Box Hill School. You can also choose to receive additional support in almost any subject of the IB with an Elite IB tutor, or consolidate your tuition for the day with your workshop tutor.

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Every evening there’s something to do. We have a complete programme of organised activities and trips for you to enjoy each evening. English afternoon tea and cricket on the lawn of Dalewood House? How about the Leavers Formal Dinner on the last day, where students fine dine before fireworks in the gardens at Dalewood? Or why not test your nerve on Box Hill School’s very own High Ropes Course?

After a day of revision, university consultations, and an evening of entertainment, you’ll likely want some sleep. Lights out at 11:00 to make sure you’re ready for the next day!

Once you reach the end of the week, you should leave feeling empowered to take on the final year of the IB! We can’t wait until August and look forward for yet another successful season of IB revision!

To find out more about the Mid-IB Summer Course, visit:

If you are interested in the Pre-IB Summer Course, visit:

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Timothy Hoffmann