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Philosophy Resources

Choosing the right subjects can set up a student for life. Make sure your child starts the IB on the right foot by speaking with an EIB Consultant to pick the perfect subjects.

5 Free online Philosophy resources that will make your IB Philosophy as intuitive as ever! Philosophy, especially at IB level, can be one of the most complicated and daunting subjects within the Humanities. Jonathan, a Politics and Philosophy graduate from the University of Edinburgh is here to give you his top resources and help you to sail through.

Extremely abstract concepts can be thrown at you, original texts are in old-fashioned or archaic language that make basic comprehension difficult, only to then be confronted with a web of definitions, concepts and arguments to make sense of. Hence, whether you’re revising for exams, writing up your essays or embarking on a philosophy extended essay, it is essential to have access to material that simplifies, breaks-down and makes philosophy accessible. Luckily, there are plenty of resources available online, and here we have listed the top five of the, (which you will also use at university level) with some tips on how to best  use them:

This should be your first starting point when embarking on any research or study. It covers almost any philosophy topic, and definitively your IB syllabus. You will find clear resumes, explanations and analysis regarding individual philosophers, sub – disciplines (e.g. Philosophy of Religion, Political Philosophy), themes (animals in philosophy) or famous problems (e.g. the Mind-Body Problems). This is a highly respected academic journal widely used by professors and researchers as well.

Philosophy podcasts presented as short debates between authors and two presenters. This is a great resource as it is a less-tiring way to absorb a great deal of content. Famous philosophers – like Peter Singer – are invited to the show and will explain their work in a way accessible to non-philosophers audiences. Highly recommended!

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One of the many youtube channels dedicated to philosophy. The great thing about this channel is that it presents philosophical issues in a funny and entertaining way, managing to break down complex material. There’s loads of good videos on youtube posted by academics themselves, make sure you always check what youtube has to offer when you’re stuck.

Very similar to SEP (resource 1) in terms of content. Best to be used together as sometimes they will cover the same topic/issue/author in different ways, which provides better insights and different perspectives. Perhaps, slightly less technical.

If you’re having a philosophy-induced crisis and you think you are going to give up and throw it all out the window… wait!! This is a great documentary that shows how philosophy can be entertaining and highly relevant to our everyday life. Plus, it is connected to a movie you should not miss! You have come this far for a reason: these resources combined with hard-work, curiosity and resilience will make you rock your IB Philosophy!

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