Remarks FAQ

Timothy Hoffmann

General inquiries on the process:

How can I get re-marked?

Students can ask their IB coordinators to request re-marks of their results.

What can I ask to be re-marked?

  • Category 1 re-mark: re-mark of externally assessed material
  • Category 1 report: report on a category 1 re-mark
  • Category 2A: return of externally assessed material by component for all candidates
  • Category 2B: return of externally assessed material by subject/level for an individual candidate
  • Category 3 re-moderation: re-moderation of marks for internal assessment by subject/level

How can my grades potentially change?

  • Category 1 re-mark: the grade may be lowered or raised
  • Category 1 report: grade will not be changed
  • Category 2A and 2B: grade will not be changed
  • Category 3 re-moderation: marks and grades may be raised but not lowered

When is the deadline to apply?

Coordinators can request re-marks within two months after results have been issued. For May exams, the official deadline is 15 September and for November exams 15 March. Category 1 report must be requested within one month of having received the result of category 1 re-mark.

Can I request for re-marks or re-moderations more than once?

Re-marks and re-moderations cannot be requested more than once for the same subject.

How do I receive my re-marked score?

The IB coordinator will receive the re-marked scores.

How long does the re-mark or re-moderation take?

  • Category 1 re-mark: 18 days
  • Category 1 report: 30 days
  • Category 2A and 2B: 18 days
  • Category 2A and 2B: 10 days
  • Category 3 re-moderation: 40 days

How much does it cost?

The cost varies between schools, so it is best to consult with your school’s IB coordinator.

Will I possibly get refunded?

There is no cost involved when a grade is changed after the category 1 re-mark. There are no refunds for category 3 re-moderation.

Can I request for both re-marks and re-moderations?

Yes, the categories may be requested in any order.



Can I request a re-mark for specific components?

A re-mark cannot be requested for individual components.

What can I not get re-marked?

Multiple choice components of a a group 4 subject examination or components for which a mark has been carried over from a previous session cannot be re-marked.

Will I have a different examiner for re-marks?

In small entry subjects and in subjects with few candidates where there is only one examiner, the re-mark is undertaken by the same examiner.



When can I apply for re-moderation?

A re-moderation can only be undertaken when the mean of the candidates’ moderated internal assessment marks differs from the mean of the marks awarded by the teacher by at least 15% of the maximum mark for the component. Re-moderation is not available for language A: literature SL school supported self-taught candidates.

Will I have a different examiner for re-moderation?

A re-moderation will normally be undertaken by a different moderator except in small entry subjects.