Retake FAQs

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In their most recent statement, the IBO suggested they will make special provisions for students who would have sat exams in May 2020 to be entered for November examinations. Further information was recently released around late IA submissions (October 20th, 2020).


If you’re looking for information about IB Remarks (as opposed to retaking exams), you can find more information here. The IB May 2020 statistics bulletin was released and can be found here and the IBO are releasing more information around school EUR policies, all of which are updated regularly on our remarks page.


Update: 03/09/2020. After the IBO’s decision on August 17th 2020 to revise the manner in which marks were awarded and allocated, we have created a video to explain the impact on the November 2020 and May 2021 exams with a view to retake policies, and resubmitting IAs and other internal coursework. We encourage everyone to watch this video, alongside the slides below, and to revert to us with any questions you may have.


We are aware of the confusion surrounding May 2020 results, and we will update this FAQ on a rolling basis over the coming days. You might have found yourself in a position where you need to retake one or more subjects to attain the Diploma, to increase your university options, or to attain the final IB grade you feel you deserve. We understand that this can be a challenging and confusing time, and there certainly isn’t enough information out there for students. Take time to read on below and understand your options. The IB’s official documentation around November 2020 exams suggests that the exam session will go ahead and they’ve added extra subjects to accommodate students affected by the May 2020 results process.  They have also extended the registration deadline to August 31st, giving candidates more time to explore EURs and speak to their chosen universities. Note that for May 2020 ‘exam’ takers, the November 2020 session will not count as one of your 3 allowed exam sessions. This FAQ was initially written for a standard exam session, so if you are unsure of how any answers are effected by this year’s grade allocation, do get in touch.

NOTE: For many students, particularly those looking to retake at a new school, IB November registrations must be registered by August 31st. Speak to your school as soon as possible to avoid missing this registration deadline. Contact Elite IB directly for more guidance.

Please see below some of our most frequently asked questions on IB retakes, answered in simple, easy to comprehend language. Please let us know through our enquiry form or by giving us a call if you have any IB Retakes questions.


How many subjects can I retake?

IB Resits FAQ: How many subjects can I resit?

In the newest video of our IB Resits FAQ video series, Bella explains how many of your International Baccalaureate subjects can you resit. Read the full IB Resits FAQ on the Elite IB website at #IBResits #IBResources #InternationalBaccalaureate

Posted by Elite IB Tutors on Friday, 21 July 2017

You can retake all six of your academic subjects, as well as the core components, or any combination of these, if your subject(s) are offered by your IB World School and they are happy for you to sit each subject or component through them. Candidates can sit a subject up to three times, in three different exam sessions, which do not have to take place consecutively. If you took your exams in May originally, this gives you, for instance, November of the same year, and May of the following year to resit the exams, although not all subjects are available in both May and November sessions. Alternatively, you may wish to wait a full year before retaking any IB exam, and then opt to retake again if necessary in another future session.

You can also revise or complete a new Extended Essay. A new Extended Essay can be registered in the same or in a different Diploma subject. You can also retake Theory of Knowledge, but must be aware you cannot carry over marks from the TOK essay, as the prompts change year-to-year and it is considered an examined compenent.

Should I retake in November or May?

IB Resits FAQ: Where can I resit my exams?

In our third #IBresit video, Bella explains how to find a school to resit in the #IB at. You can read the full Resit FAQs on the Elite IB website at #IBresources

Posted by Elite IB Tutors on Friday, 14 July 2017

This depends primarily on what your plans are for university and how quickly you think you can reach the level you want. If the academic year for your universities of choice begins in September/October, then it all depends on considering your current academic level, aims for your retake subject(s), and commitment to working hard over the coming months, to help you decide if you feel that you will be able to make enough progress before November to achieve the required grade(s). If you are not confident that the time between May and November will be enough, you should consider retaking a full year after your last IB exams. Although, please remember that for UK applications the UCAS application deadline is 15th January, and the November session results are released on 6th January each year. Therefore students looking to apply, or reapply, to UK unis will be able to apply to university with their concrete retake results, rather than their predicted grades- which further boosts your chances as the universities are not taking a risk based on your predicted grades.

For instance, if you are a May candidate and are looking to apply to UK universities to commence your studies in September  (other than Oxbridge or Medical, Dental, and Veterinary courses) November exam results will be released on in January, approximately 9 days prior to your UCAS deadline for September entry. However, if you feel you could apply with predicted grades in January which are higher than those you could really achieve over 6 months’ work (i.e. sitting in May after a full year to revise, rather than just 6 months, and with predicted grades based on your work from July-December) then the May exams may be better suited. For Oxbridge/Medical applicants, the UCAS deadline of October 15th does not give you sufficient time to apply with ratified grades from your November exams, and taking until the following May is therefore advisable in this instance. As IB and UCAS experts, however, we are on-hand to provide you with bespoke advice on this, taking into account your personal circumstances, aims, and ambitions, so please do get in touch.

When do I register for IB retakes?

IB Resits FAQ: When should I register?

In the second video of our Resits FAQ video series, Bella explains the various deadlines for resits candidates. Don’t forget, you can read the full IB Resits FAQ on the Elite IB website at! #IBResits #IBResources #InternationalBaccalaureate

Posted by Elite IB Tutors on Friday, 14 July 2017

For November exams, candidates must be registered by 29th July if they want to pay the lowest registration fees. All candidates that register after 29th July will have to pay higher registration fee, including a late subject fee for each subject or core element registered. The IB will not accept any candidate registrations after the final deadline of 15th October, regardless of when students first took their IB exams.

The deadlines for May exams differ from the November resit deadlines. If you are resitting in May, you need to register by 29th January to attract lower registration fees. The equivalent IB final deadlines for May resit sessions is 15th April.

For students looking to resit an exam six months after their last attempt (in November of the same year for May exam students, for instance), the deadline to bear in mind is 29th July/29th January, as after this deadline the fees for registration are much higher, and schools may be less likely to consider taking on new students as retake candidates, as the administrative burden increases.

However, you should bear in mind that your school’s final internal deadline for registration will vary, and may be much earlier; remember, also, that schools, and therefore IB Coordinators, are often not accessible throughout the summer, and therefore aiming to finalise your plans with the school before the summer holidays begin is strongly recommended. As always, then, it is best not to leave it to the last minute!

How do I register for IB retakes?

IB Resits FAQ: How do I register for resits?

In the first video of our series on IB Resits, Bella explains how to register to resit in the IB. You can read the full IB Resits FAQ on the Elite IB website at Find out when you should register in the next video! #IBResits #IBResources #InternationalBaccalaureate

Posted by Elite IB Tutors on Friday, 14 July 2017

Candidates must be registered through an IB World School – this is vital! The school you have previously sat your exams with is the most obvious choice, but if you have moved or found yourself otherwise unable to retake through your school, it is your responsibility to find a school who will let you sit your retake exams through them. Elite IB can provide all the tuition for your IB retake, but we cannot submit your exams, register you as a candidate, or supervise your IA or other non-examined work. You should make speaking with your school’s IB Coordinator a matter of top priority if you decide to retake- schools do not have an obligation to offer you the opportunity to retake through them, and so it can prove difficult to find a school willing to provide you with this chance, particularly if your current school are not happy or able to do so.

Do I retake just my exams, or can I redo my IAs too?

IB Resits FAQ: Resits & IAs

Working out how to handle your Internal Assessments when you’re resitting the IB can be one of the most challenging things to deal with. In our new #IBResits FAQ video, Bella has all the answers you need! #IBResources #InternationalBaccalaureate

Posted by Elite IB Tutors on Friday, 28 July 2017

You do not have to retake all the assessed aspects of your retake subject(s); you may just sit the exams and not change your Internal Assessments. Alternatively, your school may offer you the option of revising or redoing your IAs. In this case, your teacher will be responsible for marking the new IA(s), and must be able to confirm that it is all your own work and that it is significantly different to any previously submitted work. In order to be able to guarantee this to the IBO, students re-submitting an IA or any other non-examination-based work must attend classes at the school they will sit the retake through, making some schools wary of taking on new students who wish to resubmit their IAs in addition to sitting the final exam papers. However, you do not have to attend classes in order to sit the exams for one or more IB retake subjects, making schools sometimes happier to take on students not planning to re-do their IAs.

How do retakes affect my UCAS applications?

IB Resits FAQ: Resits & Universities

In this week’s #IBResits video, we talk you through the things you need to know about resits and the effect on your university offers. You can read the full IB Resits FAQ on the Elite IB website at #IBResources #InternationalBaccalaureate

Posted by Elite IB Tutors on Friday, 18 August 2017

Most universities do not officially rule out IB retake candidates, and indeed, we have seen time and time again that IB graduates remain attractive to universities, whether their Diploma was attained over one exam session or more. However, in the cases of many top UK universities, the final grades including the retake(s) must be significantly above the points required for an offer, in order to differentiate the applicant from those applying for the first time. In order to prove your determination and commitment to your chosen course of study, we would recommend having firm plans for the remainder of your time before your university studies would commence, linked to your course or industry, in addition to the time spent focusing on your exam revision. This shows that not only have you (hopefully!) exceeded your universities’ entrance requirements, but that you are aware of how best to use your time.

Where can I take my IB retake exams?

IB Resits FAQ: Where can I resit my exams?

In our third #IBresit video, Bella explains how to find a school to resit in the #IB at. You can read the full Resit FAQs on the Elite IB website at #IBresources

Posted by Elite IB Tutors on Friday, 14 July 2017

You can find a list of all IB World Schools and the exam session(s) in which they participate on the IB website. Please note that not all schools offer retake sessions, and that schools are not obliged to take on IB retake candidates. You should consult with your current Diploma Programme Coordinator, as well as calling all other local IB schools should your current school be unable or unwilling to support you with your IB retakes- we recommend doing this as soon as possible, in order to give you the best possible chance of making the necessary arrangements in good time before the registration deadline.

Can you request a re-mark as a Retake candidate?

IB Resits FAQ: Resits & Remarking Exams

In our penultimate IB resits video, we explain how to coordinate your IB remarks with the decision to enter yourself as a resit candidate. Don’t forget, you can read the full IB Resits FAQ on the Elite IB website at #IBResources #InternationalBaccalaureate

Posted by Elite IB Tutors on Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Your examiners will not know that you are a retake candidate, and so the re-marking process is the same for you as for any other student taking their exams that session. Do be aware that the deadline for re-marking exam papers is very soon after the release of results though! Also remember that your IB Coordinator must request the re-mark for you, and as you will have left your school, they may ask for you to pay the fee up-front. See our guide to IB re-marks here, for further information.

How much help can I get for my retakes?

IB Resits FAQ: How much help can I get?

In our final #IB resits video, Bella explains the support options for students resitting the IB, and who and what resources to make use of when preparing for your exams. Don’t forget, you can read the full IB Resits FAQ on the Elite IB website at #IBResources #InternationalBaccalaureate

Posted by Elite IB Tutors on Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Your school can offer you a wide range of support, from merely helping with administration and marking, to offering a full scheme of study- the IB state that any World School must not “simply adopt the role of a “retake centre””, and so must support each candidate, whether they are sitting for the first, second, or third session in a subject. Whatever your circumstance, Elite IB Tutors are here to help. We have a wonderful team of experienced tutors who can provide guidance and support every step of the way, our in-house team of IB graduates take great care to stay on top of IB procedures each year so we can advise students, and our Retake Revision Course is the ideal way to boost your revision in small groups of exam-focused workshops. Whatever your IB retake question, please don’t be afraid to ask!

EIB has significant experience liaising between schools and students to coordinate retakes guidance; if you would like to discuss how we may be able to support your student(s) in their retake preparation, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please feel free to call at the number below, where we will be happy to discuss the specific support required, and to advise on similar guidance we have provided previously. Where several students are looking to retake at the same school, we can arrange group lessons and revision sessions in addition to usual one-to-one tuition, online or face-to-face, and we will also once again be running our Retake Accelerated Programme, which provides highly focused exam revision with an expert IB tutor, in small classes through the weeks leading up to the beginning of each IB exam session.