Study Tips from Charlie

Timothy Hoffmann

3 weeks until your first exam? It is evident that every day during the exam run-in is now vital, but the important thing to remember is – there are plenty of days left, it is all about optimising your study time!

So, what to do with the time that remains?

1.)    Crib sheets – as you get closer to the day, you want to minimise the number of notes you pour through to get to the right results. Refine your notes so that you only have a few crib sheets per topic to minimise hassle and maximise results. Skimming them just before you go into an exam works for some people too. Reading 15/20 facts rather than a few pages is far more manageable.

2.)    Past papers – how many past papers have you done? If you can count this in one hand per subject, it is time to get cracking. You can pick up trends as you complete papers, and it will also ‘tune’ your exam technique to the different papers. Maths Paper 1? Just focus on getting points. Maths Paper 2? Show. Your. Method.

3.)    Studying method – get rid of the distractions. This better be the last time you go on Facebook today! Set yourself an agenda for each remaining day, and make sure you physically cross off your objectives once you have done them. This will give a good sense of satisfaction and more importantly, well help you prove to yourself that you’re making progress.

More tips coming soon, keep up the hard work!

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