The IB Career-related Certificate

Timothy Hoffmann

Not many people, or schools for that matter, know much about the IB Career-related Certificate. The official IBO websites states that The IB Career-related Certificate (IBCC) increases access to an IB education and is specifically designed to provide a flexible learning framework that can be tailored by the school to meet the needs of students.”

Read more about it here.

Students who previously took the IBDP had the option of taking ‘Certificates’, ie individual subjects and modules whereby students were not required to take all 6 subjects, but rather could select 3 or 4 which matched their academic strengths. There are obvious risks with this strategy and this improved career-related certificate will go some way to bridging the gap between created by the funding for different schools. A school with great funding for example may be in a position to offer 4 sciences, each at both HL & SL. Compare that with a school which may only offer one science – students who are not scientifically inclined may struggle, through no fault of their own. Where this situation arises, a more career-oriented diploma may well be a better avenue to explore. Check out this link to the UCAS scoring system to find out more here.

“The IBCC framework is built around three interconnected elements:

  • at least two Diploma Programme courses
  • an IBCC core that includes approaches to learning, community and service, language development and a reflective project
  • an approved career-related study.”

Does your school offer the IBCC yet? The IBO are expecting huge growth in the number of schools offering this programme over the coming years, don’t get left behind!