Online Tuition for the IB and MYP

Between the Portal and TutorsBox students have access to all they need to experience an outstanding quality of support online. Our Portal is the home of students’ tuition, where they make contact with tutors and request additional tuition. With TutorsBox, students meet with their tutors online to receive support perfectly attuned to their requirements.

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With TutorsBox students and their tutors can keep an accurate record of material covered and progress made.

icon One-stop shop

See your tutor’s notes, leave feedback, pay invoices and request support in new subjects all from the Portal.

icon Perfect for every lesson

Online lessons offer the perfect platform for tutors to curate lesson content, from tours of crusading castles to plotting functions.

icon Hassle free

No downloads, no plugins – TutorsBox works from any browser. Once your tutor sends you a link, you’re ready to go. Just like that.

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With TutorsBox™ students and tutors can plan lessons, track progress, plot functions, and export subject resources all from once place.

icon MYP/IB Tailored.

Almost every one of the face-to-face tutors we work with are available to support their students online, meaning you can take your lessons with you wherever you go.

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Online students benefit from our international selection of tutors: students of some of the best universities in the world and graduates working in global industries.

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