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Support Options


We advise every student to begin building their application as early as possible, and our Consultants are available to support applicants in every stage of making their application, whether considering courses or preparing for admissions tests.


We do not limit support for any part of a student’s application to a tier of support, and encourage each applicant to work closely together with their Consultant to devise a programme of support and guidance which suits them best, providing the requisite time for every student to grow in confidence and resolve before making their application.


Exemplar package
Unlimited support

Celeste applied to study Law at universities including the London School of Economics and Political Science and University College London. She began support with her Consultant at the start of the the academic year prior to submitting her application.

Exemplar package
Intensive support

Mansur applied to study Biomedical Engineering at universities like the University of Bristol and the University of Glasgow. Mansur and his Consultant began their support in the summer prior submitting his application.

  • Choosing the right degree: Before Celeste began support with her Consultant, she was unsure if she wanted to apply to study Law or International Relations. Our in-house consulting team spoke with Celeste, discussing her ambitions, interests, and preference for universities. When Celeste decided she wanted to study Law, she was placed with her Consultant, an Oxford Law graduate and former criminal prosecutor for the United Nations.
  • Picking the right universities: Celeste’s Consultant spent time discussing her ambitions, interests, and academic profiles in order to advise her which universities were best suited to her. Her Consultant’s experience as a graduate of Law meant he was perfectly suited to help her consider the merits of each institution. She applied to study at universities like LSE and UCL, which balanced academic rigour and prestige with a vibrant and thriving city-location.
  • Personal Statement: With a consistent academic profile, Celeste’s application was strong and her Consultant put her in touch with lawyers working in her fields of interest to find out more about the practice of Law and to help her tailor her personal statement to demonstrate her interests.

  • Work Experience: Mansur’s Consultant held his postgraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering from Imperial College London. After researching courses and universities, Mansur wanted to know how he could best spend his summer preparing to submit his application during the next academic year. Mansur’s Consultant discussed his interest in Biomedical Engineering, his ambitions, and previous work experience, before suggesting and helping to arrange a number of interdisciplinary placements for Mansur to complete over the summer, which demonstrated his flexibility and passion as an applicant. By the time Mansur submitted his application, he had a formidable selection of work experience to support his already strong academic profile.

Exemplar package
Fundamental support

Madeline know she wanted to apply to study European Social and Political Studies at University College London as one of her choices, but was concerned that her school wasn’t able to help her prepare for the Thinking Skills Assessment. .

  • Madeline met with her Consultant – an Oxford graduate who has sat the TSA as part of pert application – in the weeks proceeding the TSA. Her Consultant advised her about the best techniques to demonstrate the skills and aptitudes she possessed.

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